Shaq Messes with Charles Barkley's and Kenny Smith's Chairs for Our Amusement

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMay 12, 2014

Shaquille O'Neal took time away from breaking down the Wizards' loss to the Pacers to pull the ol' "mess with his colleagues' chairs" gag on Inside the NBA.

Per usual, come for the captivating insight but stay for the hilarity.

On Sunday night, the Wizards dropped a heartbreaker to the Pacers, who came from behind to take a 3-1 series lead with a 95-92 victory.

Charles Barkley attempted to break down what may have been at play during the game, but his chair began sinking on live television.

Kenny Smith has jokes on jokes, initially proclaiming, "Because your food level went up in the back. That's why your chair's going down." The co-host continues, "I told you, you had two desserts, man."

Something isn't quite right on the set, as Smith soon discovers his chair has a mind of its own. Instead of Scooby-Dooing the problem, the duo attempt to keep the show moving forward.

Awful Announcing's Ken Fang, who spotted this video, notes that this isn't the first time hijinks took a front seat to hard analysis: "Oh, those Inside the NBA cutups. Whether it be wrestlingCharles falling asleep or most of the cast doing a drumline, the show is Must See TV."

In this case, Ernie Johnson finally pulls the curtain back and reveals the wizard holding the controls. O'Neal is the brains behind the prank, controlling the height of his colleagues' chairs.

The entire crew laughs, we LOL in tandem and Barkley remarks, "My seat has never moved in my entire time being here."

That brings us to the most startling aspect of this story. When you have the best show on television, one that features so much tomfoolery, we have to ask just one question: How has this not happened before?

We thank Shaq for the comedic break and for thinking outside the box. Now if the producers could somehow conjure some other way for O'Neal to take control, we would certainly appreciate it.


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