NBA Community Reacts to Adam Silver's Lifetime Ban of Donald Sterling

Adam Fromal@fromal09National NBA Featured ColumnistApril 29, 2014

USA Today

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver faced his first crucial decision as the head of the Association, courtesy of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. 

Let's just say he passed it with flying colors. As you'll soon learn from this official release by the league, there's absolutely no other way to describe the major moment Silver faced during his first year in charge of the NBA:

You can view Silver's full statement below:

UPDATE: Tuesday, April 29, at 9:10 p.m. ET by Grant Hughes

In a press conference ahead of the Clippers' Game 5 tilt with the Golden State Warriors, head coach Doc Rivers spoke on the complicated task of dealing with the Sterling controversy—and how Silver's decision may have simplified the future:

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The Clippers website had a powerful response to the important news, and the organization as a whole was definitely supportive.

As for the players themselves, they had the reactions you might expect, though it seems as though they remained focused on the Golden State Warriors and their first-round playoff series:

Two of the primary figures in the actual series involving he Clippers (Yes, there are still basketball games being played.) weighed in:

Some of the NBA's most popular names voiced their opinions immediately after the news, including two Miami Heat superstars, the league's best perimeter threat and a certain Mamba: 

And any time the one and only Michael Jordan weighs in positively, you know you're making the right moves. He has significant influence on the overall plan to remove ownership privileges from Sterling:

Additionally, Magic Johnson, who was a central figure in this whole sequence after he was explicitly mentioned by Sterling, made his voice heard as he gave Silver unequivocal praise:

The process of removing Sterling will begin immediately, according to the commissioner, and it will require more than just a majority of the owners: 

That said, some of the more outspoken owners have already shared their views:

Through Jeanie Buss, the Los Angeles Lakers organization expressed support for the cohabitants of the Staples Center:

NBA players, former players and coaches—unsurprisingly—seemed to be happy with the news: 

What is Sterling being punished for? Why are NBA players so thrilled? As first reported by TMZSterling allegedly went on a racist rant during a phone conversation with ex-girlfriend V. Stiviano. You can hear the audio below in its entirety: 

The NBA had to respond quickly, and it had to make a statement. 

And that's exactly what Silver did on Tuesday afternoon.