NBA Draft: Demarcus Nelson Would Do Well on the Denver Nuggets

Sean StancillSenior Writer IApril 26, 2008


A Duke Blue Devil, one of the best perimeter defenders in the country, a slasher, and a threat in the passing lanes. Who is it? Here's a hint, its not Greg Paulus.

The player is Demarcus Nelson.

Nelson had career highs in points, assists, field goal percentage, and steals in his senior season at Duke and helped them maintain NCAA Tournament berths in each of his four seasons. 

In his senior season, Demarcus Nelson averaged 14.5 PPG, 2.9 APG, 5.8 RPG, and1.6 SPG.

Look who he has defended in their recent season 

Held Sam Young to 17 points

Held Stephon Curry to 20 points

Held Wayne Ellington to 8 points on 3-14 shooting 

After being eliminated early in the tournament, he declared for the 2008 NBA Draft and is valued as a bottom 1st-Early 2nd round pick.

Well the Nuggets have the 20th pick. 

Here are reasons why he would be a great match in Denver 

1. He's hardnosed and a good perimeter defender. Nelson is also extremely versatile and can guard positions 1-4 with ease. Demarcus will become invaluable when called upon to defend a Kobe Bryant or a Manu Ginobili in the playoffs.

2. He's a replacement for J.R. Smith and brings size that Smith does not have. Demarcus has a compact put together body that somewhat resembles a linebacker while J.R.'s is far more leaner. In the Nuggets-Lakers series, Bryant is able to back down Smith and have his way with him on the post, Nelson would not allow it and can throw his weight around.

3. #21 is a great rebounder for a guard, 12 times pulling more then 7+ rebounds in the 2007-08 season. Currently, Denver is a terrible defensive team and a extra hand on the glass will take pressure off of Marcus Camby and create 2nd chance shots for Carmelo and Iverson.

4. Another player like Michael Flowers, who Denver Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke and coach George Karl can select to at least mask the pain of not trading for Ron Artest. Bottomline, Nelson will flourish as being the team's premiere defender and will adapt to the high altitude and fast pace tempo in Denver.