The Unofficial 2013 NBA Player Census, Visualized

The Unofficial 2013 NBA Player Census, Visualized
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

In honor of the 2013 NBA season getting underway on Tuesday, Andrew Powell-Morse & Best Tickets have created an unofficial NBA census and visualized it in some easy-to-digest charts.

Below you will find NBA players broken down by height, weight, contract, State/country of origin and more. 

Number of NBA Players at Each Position

Average Salaries by Position

Average Salary by Age

Average Player Age of Every Team

Height & Weight of Every Players

Average Height and Weight of Each Team

Teams With Non-US Players

Player-Producing States

NBA Players per 1,000,000 Residents

Top 10 Player-Producing Colleges

College With Highest Average NBA Salaries

The Best Tickets blog has more charts and a complete breakdown of all the data. You can read it here