Rookie Rudy Gobert Has Perfect Form in Defending a Booming Blake Griffin Dunk

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Rudy Gobert received a crash course in the fine art of getting the hell out of the way when Blake Griffin is flying through the lane. 

Next Impulse Sports' Paul Sacca spotted this rather humorous moment from a relatively meaningless preseason matchup between the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday night. 

In the third quarter of a tight game, Griffin corralled a pass and proceeded to do something we have seen many times before from the Clippers star: dunk a basketball. 

Even fans with a mere passing interest in the sport have seen one of Griffin's thunderous dunks. Really, the mention of one should induce yawns by now; we understand. 

However, it's the priceless reaction from Utah Jazz rookie Rudy Gobert that is really worth appreciating. The 21-year-old leaped to defend the shot before quickly remembering that he is about to enter into a losing and possibly humiliating battle. 

Sometimes it's best to cut your losses and head for the exits. In that way, Gobert, who did boast 12 rebounds and five blocks in the exhibition game, is playing well beyond his years. 

Sure, the 7'1" player could have gone up to make a statement with an attempted block, but such ventures are foolish. Instead, Gobert immediately regrets his decision and seems to duck like he is escaping falling shrapnel. 

Now, Wednesday had far more memorable dunks, as Greg Oden finally made his presence known in a big way, dunking with ferocity against the Pelicans

But if you are looking for dunks of the more hilarious variety, Griffin helped us out just days before the regular season. 

Class was very much in session in this eventual Clippers win. 

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