Larry Sanders Fires Diss at Brandon Jennings About Being a Ball Hog

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistOctober 1, 2013

Target acquired and neutralized.

Larry Sanders was asked about Brandon Jennings saying he is excited to play with better bigs on the Detroit Pistons, and his response, brought to us by Fox Sports Wisconsin's Andrew Gruman, was the perfect blend of honest and sarcastic.

Shots fired—too many of them. No, really, that's what Sanders is saying: Jennings took too many shots. And he has a point.

Sanders' comments come after Jennings sang the praises of new teammates Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond and even Josh Smith.

Will Jennings share the rock with Monroe and Drummond?
Will Jennings share the rock with Monroe and Drummond?J. Dennis/Einstein/Getty Images

“I haven’t been able to play with a guy who’s a post presence since Andrew Bogut, somebody you could throw it down to," Jennings said, according to's Keith Langlois. "Now that I have a post presence, and another guy like Josh, who can go get a bucket, Drummond, we can do pick and roll – just all type of options now.”

Bogut was traded from the Milwaukee Bucks less than two years ago; it's not like Jennings wasn't talking about Sanders. He was likely also referring to John Henson and Samuel Dalembert, among others. 

This could all have been Jennings' way of sucking up to his new team. He wasn't very popular in Milwaukee, and starting his relationship with the Pistons off right is a smart move.

Let's also not pretend like Sanders was the ideal offensive threat in 2012-13. He notched 9.8 points per game, but nearly 70 percent of all his baskets came off assists, per

Of course, that doesn't mean Sanders is wrong. Though Jennings spoke of running pick-and-rolls, he didn't fare so well in Milwaukee.

Last year, according to Syngery Sports (subscription required), he ran 565 pick-and-rolls. Within those possessions, he attempted 436 shots, or he jacked one up 77.2 percent of the time. He hit just over 40 percent of them. That's actually higher than his 39.9 percent clip from the floor overall.

It's great that Jennings is excited to start a new chapter in his career next to bigs like Drummond and Monroe. No one likes a pessimistic Patty anyway.

Like Sanders says, however, it's tough for said excitement to mean anything if Jennings doesn't pass the rock. No one likes a ball-hogging Brandon either.