Fan Gets Extremely Emotional After Meeting Kobe Bryant in China

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistAugust 7, 2013

While on tour for Nike Greater China to spread motivation for the youth and promote the "Fireworks" colorway of his Nike Kobe 8, Kobe Bryant was greeting fans and brought one admirer to tears.

The fan wasn't crying because he was hit in the face with one of those basketballs the Black Mamba was hurling into the crowd—he was overcome by just being in the vicinity of No. 24.

Incredible, right? Well, not really.

Kobe is known to draw out the masses in China, and it's universal knowledge that he is about as highly regarded there as anywhere.

Kobe crowd in China:

— Heidi Burgett (@heidiburgett) August 5, 2013

A statue of the Mamba towers over the public outside the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts' Sculpture Museum, for Pete's sake. There's nothing out of character about this reaction.

KOBEHASASTATUENOW IN CHINA @EricPincus @MarkG_Medina @Mark_T_Willard @SerenaWinters @ramonashelburne @ArashMarkazi

— Eddie Robles (@eds824) June 17, 2013

Put yourself in this young man's shoes.

Kobe isn't as readily accessible to him as he is to us. They inhabit two different continents. To attend a game and watch the future Hall of Famer work his magic in person would require a passport.

Imagine not being able to see Bryant live at Los Angeles Lakers games or on television as often. Wouldn't you break down if you had the opportunity to finally feel his tangible presence wash over you? 

Alright, perhaps that's a bit extreme. Plenty of other fans are seemingly able to remain composed in the video. But you get the point.

For some, especially those outside the U.S., Kobe represents more than just basketball. He inspires fans and is perceived as divine.

Few sights on this Earth can bring you to incoherent sobs.

Gazing upon a basketball-wielding Kobe Bryant is one them. Apparently.