Greg Oden Spotted Taking in Wonder That Is a Justin Bieber Concert

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Greg Oden Spotted Taking in Wonder That Is a Justin Bieber Concert
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When not trying to find Waldo or that elusive Carmen Sandiego, we enjoy launching into a rousing game of, "So, what's up with Greg Oden?" This round seems to have ended in the most unlikely of places.

A Justin Bieber concert. 

For the Win happened upon some images of Oden taking in a recent concert with fellow Beliebers.

Some of you might be shocked to see a 65-year-old man chilling out at such a venue, but I need to remind you Oden is actually 25. 

Here is a tweet with a caption that calls out Oden and blasts him with an "LOL."

It's not the wisest decision to laugh at someone for being at a Bieber concert while you're also sitting in seats as you wait for Bieber to take the stage.

Just a thought. 

Here is another picture of a happy (befuddled?) Oden with Instagram user Kschwochi

Photo credit: Kschwochi Instagram
Oden, who was beleaguered by a rash of injuries and one leg that is shorter than the other, hasn't played in the NBA since the 2009-10 season. 

Since that time, he has popped up in random posts on sites like Busted Coverage, who spotted him enjoying life in basketball limbo. 

The time is ripe for him to make a stirring comeback to public life on a full-time basis. The Dallas Morning News reports the Mavericks may be in the running to bring back the man who was once selected No. 1 overall in the 2007 NBA draft. 

As for the kid Oden was there to see, he might be one of the more polarizing figures even in the sports world. 

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images
If you recall, Bieber drew a great deal of ire from his neighbors—including Keyshawn Johnson—when he sped around Calabasas back in May. 

More recently, Bieber spent some quality time with the Stanley Cup, causing all of the Internet to lose their collective minds

Oh, and he also urinated in a mop bucket just for the giggles. 

Sure, a great many like to give Bieber grief over being a self-absorbed celebrity, but Oden seems to be sold on the superstar. 

He might even be his biggest fan—well, tallest. 

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