Joakim Noah's Awkward Soccer Goal Leads to Beautifully Insane Celebration

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 11, 2013

In one brilliant moment, the sun beamed just a little brighter, the bouncing ball was far kinder than it had ever been before and the summer belonged to one Joakim Noah

Trey Kerby of The Basketball Jones spotted this video of the Chicago Bulls star apparently experiencing the happiest moment of his life. 

You might feel a tad discombobulated watching a city soccer pitch featuring all 6'11" of the Bulls big man, but this moment of greatness was taken from this year's Steve Nash Foundation Showdown, which is an annual fundraiser for kids with critical needs. 

With the score tied at seven, Noah gets the ball at his feet and corrals the rock with the finesse of a newly born baby giraffe. 

While not graceful, Noah's attempt was jam-packed with precision. And did I see some bend in that there scintillating shot? I dare say I did. 

Of course, we have seen Noah all sorts of excited before, but this one is that rare mix of awkward, adorable and awesome.

The NBA star runs around the pitch to savor every last drop of his excellence, and the crowd is left to merely stand in awe and applaud. 

In that one moment, there wasn't a happier person in this crazy world. 

If you enjoy closure with your grand tales, let me continue by telling you the Red Team (USA) would hold onto the lead and beat the Blue Team (World), 9-7

Somewhere, Noah is walking around wondering when his victory parade starts. 


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