NBA Draft: Giving the NBA Some Love

John LewisSenior Writer IApril 9, 2008

By now everyone in the country knows that UCLA's super freshman Kevin Love and junior Darren Collison are reportedly going pro.

While that makes sense from a business stand point, millions of dollars and no school work...hey where do I sign?  It just doesn't make sense from a basketball stand point; I feel as though Love is just not ready yet to get up and down the court with the quicker paced NBA players.

Love may be a bit slow and lacks the athletism it takes play in the NBA.  

Love also lacks defensive quickness, he plays below the rim and he has an inability to defend the perimeter. These are definitely things he should work on before the draft.

But because he does have some size, he’s probably 15-20 pounds overweight, and great hands, teams will take a chance on him with a lottery pick. Many scouts have noticed that he has good fundamentals and has range on his jump shot.

If he works hard on becoming faster and stronger, he should be able to develop into an 8-10 point and 8-10 rebound per game player. Definitely not star numbers but he does have an NBA type frame. 

Collison on the other hand is extremely fast with the ball in his hand but may be too small to be a starter in the next level.  Because of his lack of size he may have trouble finishing at the rim and his scoring tools may be limited.

Some reports have him as a top 15 pick the upcoming draft.

I just have a problem with a team using their lottery pick on someone who won't even average double digits in points per game.  These picks should be used on a guy with a lot of upside and not someone that's being compared to shorter version of Chris Duhon.