Blake Griffin and Kate Upton Hit with Dating Rumors, Internet May Not Survive

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 21, 2013

We are rarely afforded time or ample preparation for sports bombshells, but instead try to make do once they explode right before us. People of the Internet, let me tell you that Kate Upton and Blake Griffin may in fact be dating. 

I will take your dramatic eye rolls as confirmation that I should proceed. 

E! Online (h/t Busted Coverage) reports the Clippers rim-rocker and Sports Illustrated supermodel were hanging out with pals recently when, as a source tells them, the two looked "very cozy" together. 

I know, "cozy" is hardly a word that would send the world into an uproar over the latest celebrity hookup, but this is the Internet, after all. 

The report states Griffin (24) was hanging out at Beauty & Essex in New York City with fellow Clipper DeAndre Jordan. At some point, Upton then joined Griffin and his friends and they proceeded to enjoy some lobster tacos and stuffed peppers. 

I am only surprised the thorough report didn't also include a food review on those lobster tacos. It does, however, detail two celebs who seemed to be rather smitten with one another:

While everyone in the group, which included a few Beauty & Essex staffers who are longtime friends of Blake's, appeared to be having "a great time," it was the basketball star and Kate who were cozying up to one another in the club. A source says the pair "were cuddling and holding hands, although they were not seen making out. They seemed pretty cute together."

Afterwards, Kate, Blake and his pals hit up Avenue nightclub, where a source says "they closed the place down!"

There is a slam-dunk joke there somewhere. 

Some of you might be thinking, "But I thought she was dating Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander." Well, you just haven't been keeping up on the latest sports gossip. 

While Upton and Verlander never publicly admitted to their romance, we did get some closure to the rampant rumors when the 21-year-old model admitted to being single this past Valentine's Day. 

Recently, Yahoo! Sports spotted a Twitter slight of sorts directed toward Verlander, so we assume that relationship has run its tumultuous course. 

If anything, the model is certainly well prepared for the immense media attention if this Wednesday night rendezvous indeed leads to a genuine romance. 

As with anything, we react to the rumors with a healthy amount of skepticism. Still, the Internet better prepare for sports' next power couple just in case.