Former NBA Star Tracy McGrady Is Now Getting Clowned by Arby's on Twitter

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 19, 2013

As it turns out, Arby's serves up delectable burns just as well as delicious sandwiches. For evidence of this, take a gander at a query from Twitter personality D'Brickashaw about the Spurs' Tracy McGrady and the response from Arby's

Would you like Arby's sauce with that, T-Mac? 

Here is just a smattering of the responses from fans who were essentially shouting, "Burn!"

Really, making fun of McGrady is quickly becoming low-hanging fruit. As a member of the Spurs, he has been relegated to a barometer of a game's final minutes: If the man is playing, chances are the Spurs have a huge lead or have given up hope. 

The 34-year-old joined the Spurs in April and has pretty much warmed a seat on the bench since that time. During the NBA Finals, McGrady has seen action in just two games, playing close to eight minutes in a Game 2 win for Miami before getting on the floor for six-plus minutes in a Spurs blowout the very next game. 

In kind, T-Mac taking off the warm-ups has led to plenty of Twitter hilarity. 

McGrady wasn't always a social-media punching bag, and was once considered one of the best in the NBA. This is the same guy who featured in seven All-Star games and won two scoring titles. 

Still, he is nearly four seasons removed from a year wherein he averaged double-digit points. You would even have to look as far back as the 2007-2008 season for the last time he averaged over 35 minutes per game. 

How do you know for sure if it's time to hang up the sneakers and move on into retirement? Some might look to rickety knees, back pain or a jumper that yields a massive amount of bricks. 

For McGrady, having a fast-food chain try out its best open-mic material on Twitter is as good a sign as any. 


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