JaVale McGee Gives Homeless Man $100 and Records Kind Gesture for World to Enjoy

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JaVale McGee Gives Homeless Man $100 and Records Kind Gesture for World to Enjoy

JaVale McGee is awesome, and there is really nothing else you can say after watching the Denver Nuggets center slip a sleeping homeless man a $100 bill. 

If you don't believe me, watch a few seconds of a small gesture that will make a huge difference in an unsuspecting person's day, via McGee's Twitter (h/t Black Sports Online):

Nice assist from the big man. 

I even love the fact that McGee is recording all of this for his Vine post. It gives every last one of us a reminder that it doesn't take much to be wonderful human being. 

Sure, the NBA star is making a great deal more than most with a four-year, $44 million contract, according to ESPN

But you don't have to make a great deal of money to make a significant difference. Go ahead and offer up some change, a sandwich or anything else you can think of. 

When you do, you will feel the joy that comes with wondering what that person might do with the kind gesture. 

At least, that's what McGee seems to have done:

The 25-year-old provides a great deal of laughter to fans for the off-kilter way he plays the game. 

I am sure we will continue to chuckle at him when we watch him next season. For now, there is no laughing, only applause. 

Thanks for reminding us how to be awesome, McGee. We will try not to forget. 

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