Watch Memphis Grizzlies Fail at Rim 7 Times in Single Possession vs. Spurs

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With the San Antonio Spurs scoring as many points in the second quarter as the Memphis Grizzlies did in the entire first half, the Memphis offense looked for anything to get moving. Missing seven consecutive shots at the rim likely isn't what they had in mind.

Starting with Tony Allen getting his layup blocked by Tim Duncan, Memphis missed seven shots in a row, three of which were sent back by Spurs blocks.

We've got Allen getting blocked by Duncan, then by Kawhi Leonard and then straight out missing a layup, Zach Randolph missing a tip-in, followed by Duncan blocking his shot, Randolph missing another layup, and, finally, Tony Wroten missing a layup.

It all mercifully ended when Duncan grabbed the rebound and got fouled by Allen.

For those of you who don't remember, this is the Charles Smith incident that everybody is referencing:

Statistically speaking, the shot inside the restricted area around the basket is the best shot to take on a basketball court. It's the easiest to make, and quite often a player will get fouled when he's driving and scoring right next to the hoop.

How Memphis managed to miss seven times directly at the rim is beyond me, and I've watched the clip a half-dozen times.

In all, Memphis missed 11 out of 11 shots in the restricted area in the second quarter. But hey, offensive rebounds are cool too.

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