Metta World Peace's In-Game Tweeting Is a Thing of Beauty

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Metta World Peace's In-Game Tweeting Is a Thing of Beauty

Once already in the playoffs, we've seen Metta World Peace spend a night doing exactly what we do—watch basketball and tweet incessantly about what's happening.

Only unlike each and every one of us, he's freaking hilarious, albeit unintentionally so.

I'm starting to hope that the Los Angeles Lakers never make the playoffs again, so long as it means Metta is sitting at home, tweeting about the games that we're all watching.

This time around he had his eye on the Indiana Pacers taking on the New York Knicks in their second game of the second round series.

Metta joined us right around halftime of the game as the Pacers dug their way out of a hole and turned it into a game. He started off with his theory on how teams win.

And then he got right into it. Metta's a New York man, so you know he's going to have some sort of connection to the Knicks.

Last time Metta got on a tweeting spree, he was going on and on about how much he liked the Memphis Grizzlies. He didn't leave them out this time around either.

A few minutes later, Metta got into a long series of semi-rhetorical, semi-ridiculous questions, re-tweeting answers as the night went on.

At this point, I think we all know the answer to that last question. I want Metta commentating every game and doing every halftime show for every basketball game for the rest of my life.

It's a simple dream, but it would make me happier than anything else could.

Jumping into a completely different direction, Metta got a phone call and urged us all to guess who it was.

The answer is somehow not as strange as I thought it would be, but still extremely off the wall.

My only complaint is that he didn't elaborate on what they talked about. I'm guessing there was some rhinoceros talk, but probably something about the two of them putting together a remake of Twins.

Metta quickly got bored with the game once the Knicks started to run away, so he was looking for ways to speed the process up.

Eventually he got back into it when Chris Copeland was on the floor. He didn't know who Copeland was, but he totally dug him.

A bit later, Metta swore off Twitter for the remainder of the playoffs. His declaration lasted all of two minutes.

There's no way he can stay away. We would all miss him too much.

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