Rip Hamilton's Recent Move Mandated 2 U-Hauls Just for His Shoes

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Rip Hamilton's Recent Move Mandated 2 U-Hauls Just for His Shoes
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Rip Hamilton super-sized his order of U-Hauls so he could move the ridiculous amount of sneakers he owns. 

The Chicago Bulls veteran is using the scant amount of downtime before the playoffs to move, and he had to tackle the massive task of transporting what seems to be two U-Hauls' worth of shoes. 

Here is an Instagram image you have to see to believe. 

Photo Credit: Rip Hamilton Instagram

The 35-year-old Bulls guard included the statement, "Tbt . Had to many sneakers in the crib had to fill up 2 u-hauls to put them in another spot. #brandjordan #sneakerhead #sneakernews #holdat."

The hashtag "sneakerhead" somehow does this sight little justice.

There is no word if Hamilton is moving homes or just became inundated with a stack of shoes that might fall over and suffocate him in the night, but "sneaker fanatic" or "wild crazy man who owns way too many shoes" seem like more appropriate labels. 

The man who could outfit the entire league with sneakers was met with incredulity from fans on Instagram. The reaction is as you would expect, ranging from a chorus of "WTF" to those who wanted a free pair. 

You know, because he has a few to spare. 

Hamilton is coming off a season in which he averaged 9.8 points in 21.8 minutes per game. The most eventful moment of his season came last Friday when he threw an elbow at the Raptors' DeMar DeRozan, an act that saw him suspended from Sunday's game, via ESPN

Hamilton missed six weeks because of a lower-back injury earlier in the year. No wonder, because moving all those shoes must be hell on the back. 

The Bulls, for their part, open play against the Nets in Brooklyn on Saturday.

Let's just hope Hamilton is done moving this obscene amount of sneakers by then. 

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