Raptors' Amir Johnson Is Easily Distracted, Takes Pictures with Rogue Camera

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Fate handed Amir Johnson a camera, and now he needs to borrow someone's laptop so he can update his Facebook right after he slaps a sweet Instagram filter on these pics. 

Carlos Boozer kicked a camera onto the floor during the second quarter of Tuesday night's game between the Toronto Raptors and the Chicago Bulls (h/t Pass the Pill).

That's when an impromptu photo session went down. 

There is hardly a better character in the NBA than Johnson. And really, there aren't many players other than the 25-year-old I would rather happen upon an errant camera.

Proof of that is all the other adults in the building just ignoring the camera that came flying onto the court, but not Johnson—not the guy who taught the world how to pronounce Jonas Valanciunas, not the guy who rocks sneakers with his face on them

This is a guy who needs to be entertained every second of every day and, hey, there's a camera on the court.

I don't subscribe to things such as fate, but I might have to now, especially considering how perfect the moment was for Johnson to start snapping pictures with an actual game occurring around him. 

The Raptors are out of the playoff race—it's the end of a very long season—and they were up comfortably in the early moments of a game they would ultimately win 101-98. 

Really, the only thing that would have made this better would have been the refs holding the camera so Johnson could get in the shot, or the Raptors class clown just taking a selfie on the court. 

Raptors games now feature props, and we should all be very excited about that. 

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