Watch Wilt Chamberlain Dominate His Competition in Vintage Highlight Footage

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Wilt Chamberlain was a monster during his time in the NBA.

Standing at 7'1", he towered over the competition, scoring at will and playing the part of a bully on the glass. He was, and still is, unlike any other talent we have seen before—and the stat lines showed it.

Well, almost.

Chances are, you're aware that Chamberlain holds the record for most points scored in a game (100). How could you not? It's a number that Kobe Bryant visibly drooled at and lusted after when he dropped 81 on the Toronto Raptors.

You're also privy to the season when Chamberlain averaged over 50 points per game (1961-62). I'd hazard you even have some working knowledge of his lifetime average of 30.1 points and 22.9 rebounds per game.

What some likely don't understand is how fierce a shot contester he was.

At 7'1", it is just assumed that he could block shots, but the NBA didn't record them as an actual statistic during his time. Void of ample evidence as well, it has become quite difficult to gauge just how prolific a shot swatter Chamberlain was.

So feast on this.

The provided video shows Chamberlain in all his athletic glory, blocking shots and leaping at a height that suggests he could clear a small building.

Never before have we seen a seven-footer generate air like he does here. Just look at the lift he has under him. Admire it. Love it. Worship it.

On the first block we see, Chamberlain's reach actually seems to exceed that of the backboard. Watch him clear a 6'6" high jump bar as well. What seven-foot skyscraper could do that? None that we currently know of, that's for sure. 

This footage is just unreal. It's a testament to how great an athlete Chamberlain was and how spectacular a shot blocker he would have been had the Association taken numerical notice.

Say what you will about the competition being inferior back then, and attribute Wilt's success to him being light-years ahead of his time all you want.

If the latter is actually the case, it's clear the game has yet to catch up with him today.

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