Klay Thompson Was a Bad Boy, Father Mychal Takes Away Allowance for Fight

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 28, 2013

Look, if you disobey your father, you are going to lose your allowance. It doesn't matter if you are a grown man playing in the NBA

The Basketball Jones spotted a wonderful interview that Mychal Thompson, Klay's father, gave to ESPN radio recently, transcribed by Believe the Hype

Thompson explains how he punished Klay for fighting during the Warriors-Pacers game on Tuesday night. 

The NBA fined Klay $35,000, and his father docked him his allowance. Still no word on whether a time-out will be necessary. 

The 23-year-old doesn’t have access to his money, all cheques are paid to Mychal and Julie who take care of his accounts for him to make sure Klay’s financial situation is set up for his post NBA career. So, naturally, Papa Thompson’s going to teach Klay a lesson of his own by fining him personally also, however Klay will find out the old fashioned way.

“He will [find out he's been fined by us] when he sees that cash envelope show up a little short this week,” he said.

Klay's father, Mychal, is a former NBA big man who played for the Lakers from 1987-1991 and now calls their games on the radio.  

Lakers fans know him as an uber-homer who delivers optimism at every turn, no matter how the season might be going. 

We fully support his bizarre but comforting tough-love approach, especially considering how some players use their money. 

So, if Mychal takes care of Klay’s finances, what does his week-by-week financial situation look like?

“Rent is $3K … Walking around money $300 a week…” Mychal explained. “That’s a lot of money to go to the movies and buy pizza…”

But what if Klay wanted to take a girl out on a nice date?

“Go to Langers in Oakland … Go to the grocery store and get a nice [bottle of wine] for $30…”

What about the corkage fee?

“Sit in the car and drink it.”

For those curious, Thompson currently makes about $2.3 million for the 2013 season, and will get a little over $3 million in 2014, according to Spotrac

But he only gets $300 for pizza and the movies. I guess young Klay will have to make it rain on a budget—and after his chores are done, of course.

I am sure Thompson has more than enough cash to live in comfort. And if he continues to play the way he has this season, future contracts should provide him with a lavish lifestyle more in keeping with an NBA player. 

While we don't condone drinking a nice Cabernet in the parking lot, we fully support this audacious ploy to make sure Mychal's son doesn't blow his finances on foolish trinkets. 

As for the ladies, you can expect a great dinner from Langer's, but be warned: Klay may have a curfew.