Tyreke Evans Robs Dwyane Wade, Manages to Miss Layup as Kings Lose to Heat

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 27, 2013

Normally, stealing the ball from Dwyane Wade and getting a look at an open basket is a good thing. For Tyreke Evans, it is a reason to shake our collective heads in amusement. 

First off, we want to take a moment to applaud the Sacramento Kings for a valiant effort in their Tuesday night double-overtime loss to the Miami Heat. 

The team doesn't get enough dap these days, and at 19 wins on the season, we will gladly give them credit for a job nearly well done. 

In the end, the Kings lost 141-129, but they were so close to making that loss a 10-point deficit. 

In the final seconds of a hard-fought game (h/t Yahoo! Sports), Dwyane Wade brought the ball up the court to put the Kings out of their misery. Evans is apparently the kind of guy who likes the last word in an argument he already lost, so he steals the ball from Wade. 

I might be mistaken, but Wade's shoulders seem to slump in annoyance as he likely thinks to himself, really, like really?

That's when the rest of the Heat relent and give Evans an open bucket which he is fully intent on taking advantage of. 

He drives to the hole with the heart of a warrior who is hell-bent on showing the world that a moral victory trumps an actual one every single time. 

He leaps into the air for the uncontested shot.

That's when the professional basketball player rims out his layup attempt. 

Take note, NBA teams. If Evans is driving to the hoop with nothing left to play for, just let him go. You might want to grab a chair and some popcorn while you're at it. 

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