Legend Bill Russell Goes Coast-to-Coast with Amazing Finish in Classic Highlight

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 25, 2013

Bill Russell grabbed a rebound, went coast-to-coast and finished at the rim while leaping over a defender. 

Granted, he didn't do that recently because that would have been rather remarkable considering the Celtics legend just turned 79. 

No, this is a way-back video spotted by Red's Army (h/t CBS Sports), featuring a very young and very dominant Bill Russell. 

Though there isn't a great deal of information on the specifics, we can assume this comes from his college days, CBS Sports: "The uploader of the video says this clip comes from 1956 when Russell was playing for the University of San Francisco. So it's not from the NBA."

When you think of Russell, the thought of championships, selfless play and dedication on defense comes to mind. What we fail to remember is how remarkable the 6'9" legend was in the open court. 

In this clip, he grabs the board and runs the floor like Magic Johnson looking for James Worthy on the wing. 

In an instant, he seems to transform into a lanky Michael Jordan, leaving the hardwood to take on his defender in the air. The slow-motion part of the video only enhances the illusion that he is just floating above the defense. 

The obvious fact is we all know how fantastic this man was on the court. Thankfully, this video came along to remind us once again. 


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