Watch Coach Lindsey Hunter React in Disbelief to Michael Beasley's Air Ball

Grant HughesNational NBA Featured ColumnistFebruary 23, 2013

Phoenix Suns coach Lindsey Hunter reacted to Michael Beasley's air ball against the Boston Celtics on Feb. 22 as if he hadn't been coaching the mercurial forward for more than a month.

Come on, coach. Bad shots are what B-Easy's all about.

Granted, not all of Beasley's field-goal attempts miss the rim by a country mile. But considering he's shooting under 40 percent from the floor this year, there was a pretty good chance he'd eventually uncork one this wild.

According to Paul Coro of The Arizona Republic, Beasley had a perfectly good excuse for his embarrassing heave:

Hunter is aghast after a Beasley airball. Beasley said he hurt his elbow & iced it at half, affecting his shot. #Suns

— Paul Coro (@paulcoro) February 23, 2013

Well, that explains it. His shot had literally gone cold.

Look, players are going to miss shots. And on a team as bad as the Suns, players are going to miss shots badly. But there's no excuse for Hunter to make such a public display of his feelings.

His reaction has now gone viral, and his disrespect for his players won't go unnoticed in the locker room. In fact, based on some of the quotes from Valley of the Suns' postgame recap, things may already be falling apart.

Grantland's Zach Lowe certainly doesn't have a lot of faith that Phoenix's clubhouse culture is salvageable:

Basically every quote from a Suns coach/player in this recap translates to: "We are totally dysfunctional."…

— Zach Lowe (@ZachLowe_NBA) February 23, 2013

Things are apparently falling apart in Phoenix, and Hunter's inability to control himself, combined with Beasley's antics, definitely isn't helping.

Perhaps it's time for the coach to have a sit-down discussion with his players instead of making googly eyes at them on the court, where the whole world can watch.

Can only imagine what is said during Coaches meetings about Michael Beasley.

— BallisLife South (@BradHenz) February 24, 2013

Then again, there might not be a lot to say that will help.