Blake Griffin Travels Back in Time for 2 More Hilarious Kia Commercials

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Blake Griffin Travels Back in Time for 2 More Hilarious Kia Commercials

Blake Griffin continues bumping around in his Kia, going back in time to when he was an awkward and geeky kid. 

If only I had a Kia to set things right, I might fare better in what was a marathon session of NBA Jam in '93. 

Anyhoo, Cosby Sweaters spotted two new commercials that should have basketball fans entertained for a few moments. They are just like the classic Kia commercials featuring the Clippers star time-traveling to the days of old, but now with more Blake Griffin. 

Here are the two ads featuring Griffin's face superimposed on his past self, for a bizarre and uneasy effect that has me feeling the same way as when the NBA star goes to the free-throw line. 

After watching the Bench Press commercial, I will now have racing gloves tucked away in my own car at all times. 

This sunscreen one was definitely the weirder of the two, which is saying a lot. Just power through the incessant squirting of lotion for a worthwhile punchline. 

Of course, we would all love to hop into a Kia—OK, maybe a DeLorean—and travel back in time. Oh, the things I would tell my former self. 

I could tell him to skip the Seinfeld series finale and forego that invite to watch Donnie Darko. I might even offer a hint that perhaps getting a step haircut isn't the coolest thing in the world. 

I would, of course, remain silent on Zubaz pants, because that life lesson really shaped who I am today. 

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