NBA Rumors: Josh Smith, Ben Gordon and Other Big-Name Trades That Won't Happen

Dan TalintyreSenior Analyst IIFebruary 11, 2013

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The NBA rumor mill rolls on with the trade deadline rapid approaching, as some of the big names in basketball get touted as potential movers.

And yet, despite how big their name might be and how much the move might work, at the end of the day, so many of the trades talked about won't happen.

At least not before this year's trade deadline, anyway.

Which are the deals and players that won't be moving on this winter? Read on to check out some of the big-name trades that won't be taking place.


Josh Smith to the Brooklyn Nets

According to, Atlanta have been reportedly trying to shop Josh Smith for some time now given the fact that they can't agree on a new contract and they're trying to get something before their star forward becomes a free agent.

Cue interest from Brooklyn, according to ESPN, which makes sense in that Smith would be a great fit there and would transform their starting court into a truly potent offense.

Only problem being that the Nets don't really have anything to offer.

Atlanta aren't going to want a low first-round draft pick and they aren't going to want the likes of Kris Humphries either, which is what is being talked about here.

The Nets simply don't have the trade pieces to make this one happen anytime soon, unless they get a third-team involved, which then complicates things and makes it difficult to please two parties they're essentially trying to rip off.

Josh Smith stays put for the rest of the season.


J.J. Redick to the Milwaukee Bucks

CBS Sports reports that Milwaukee are interested in bringing in Orlando guard J.J. Redick before the trade deadline in exchange for some future draft picks and expiring contracts.

The only thing is, Redick isn't all that wonderful.

The guard is only getting minutes because of injuries to guys ahead of him and is forced to shoot the ball often and from deep because there aren't a whole lot of other alternatives on offense.

If the Bucks are going to give up a draft pick, there's far better players whom they could go after this season than Redick, as good as he's been of late for the Magic.

I just can't see Milwaukee giving up that much here.

I mean, seriously—it's J.J. Redick, guys!


Ben Gordon to the Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn's other big transfer target appears to be that of Charlotte Bobcats guard Ben Gordon, whom the Nets are trying to drag over to New York, according to ESPN.

The big thing here why this won't happen is around Kris Humphries, whom the Nets are pretty much using as their trade hook for every team around.

The Bobcats did look to the forward before in free agency, but it's hard to see them making a move again for him when it will cost them one of their star players themselves.

Gordon has been playing well of late, and if the Bobcats are going to get any better they need to keep the guys that are going to grab them points rather than bringing in the guys that other teams' coaches simply don't want anymore.


What big-name trades do you think will and won't happen in 2013?

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