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Stephen Curry Being Snubbed from the All-Star Game Is Not a Big Deal

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Stephen Curry Being Snubbed from the All-Star Game Is Not a Big Deal
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Stephen Curry will be getting a well-deserved trip to Houston for the All-Star Game, but only to participate in the three-point contest, part of the festivities on Saturday night of All-Star weekend.  

Many fans, talk-show pundits and current players alike were in disbelief at how Curry did not receive the votes from other fans and the Western Conference coaches to be on the team.

While Curry does deserve to be recognized as one of the best players in the NBA, it is not the All-Star game where the case is made to be called the best.

The All-Star game has become a popularity contest and the qualifications it takes to be an All-Star are blurred.  Some people look at the overall team when determining who is an All-Star while others look at the statistics. Then there are always the biased fans who will vote for their favorite player even if that player isn't worthy.

With that in mind, Curry doesn't need to play in Houston to show that he is a great player.  He has both the numbers and the overall team play to show he is among the best.

The Warriors, despite inconsistent play lately against the Rockets and Thunder, are having their best season since the early 1990s.  Yes, this team is even better than the "We Believe" team of 2006-07.  

So what if Curry doesn't get the votes to go to the All-Star game in Houston, he'll prove his worth to the basketball world when he leads the Warriors into the playoffs.

I would say the playoffs are more important than the All-Star game.

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