Jalen Rose Reportedly Claims Michael Jordan's 'Flu Game' Was a Hangover Game

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Jalen Rose Reportedly Claims Michael Jordan's 'Flu Game' Was a Hangover Game
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While Jalen Rose was in Bloomington, Ind. checking out the Michigan-Indiana game over the weekend, he apparently made the bold claim that during Michael Jordan's famous "Flu Game" he wasn't battling the flu at all, but instead was hungover.

Rose allegedly found his way into a college party, hung out with a bunch of Indiana kids until the early hours of the morning, had a few drinks, and perhaps a few more and went on telling a few stories and taking some pictures.

Of the stories he told, Rose allegedly claimed Jordan was actually hungover during his "Flu Game," and he was sure that Reggie Miller's ex-wife Marita Miller burned Reggie's house down back in 1997.

There were a few other stories to be told about his night in Indiana, and you can check them all out here (via Reddit, h/t lostlettermen.com).

However, it seems that the boldest, most history-altering claim is that Jordan was actually hungover, rather than sick when he scored 38 points and had seven rebounds and five assists in Chicago's 90-88 win over the Utah Jazz in Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals.

It seems as if the circumstantial evidence against Rose's reported claim mounts a pretty strong argument for the old story that he actually had the flu.

Chicago was in the NBA Finals, in a 2-2 series, immediately following a loss to the Jazz in Game 4, while in Utah.

Sure, they had two days off between Games 4 and 5 and they were a group of NBA players. It's not too hard to imagine them going out and partying in the days between a game.

However, just re-watching the highlights of that game makes it impossible to believe that he was hungover, rather than sick.

Every time he sits down he's visibly ailing, and not hangover ailing. He's absolutely plodding throughout the game, and when he's not playing, he's on the verge of collapsing.

It's just too hard to believe that he's hungover to the point where he's about to fall down at any possible minute.

I'm usually a big fan of Jalen Rose's stories that he whips out every once in a while, but this one just seems too far-fetched to believe.

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