Nuggets' Kenneth Faried Supports Gay Marriage and His Two Beautiful Mothers

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 25, 2013

The Denver Nuggets' Kenneth Faried was fortunate enough to grow up in a household with two loving parents.

The fact that they are two mothers shouldn't matter, and it's a real shame that it continues to be with a good portion of the country. 

Yahoo! Sports reported on the Denver Nuggets big man, who is as entertaining as they come, running with exuberance and rebounding with passion. 

The video is produced by One Colorado, "an advocacy organization that works to achieve and protect equality and opportunity for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Colorado residents and their families."

While many continue to burrow their feet in the sand of archaic thinking, the sentiment that all people, regardless of sexual orientation, deserve the right to marry is growing in acceptance. 

That it's 2013 and a video like this is still needed is unfortunate. But on the bright side, there seems to be a great deal of change brewing so families like Faried's can live like any other family.

If family is about support and love, this tight-knit group is the epitome. 

As noted by Dan Devine, who wrote the Yahoo! Sports article, "Same-sex marriage is legal in nine of the 50 United States and recognized in two more; civil unions are legal in eight states. None of them is Colorado."

There is a long way to go, but the sentiment really is simple. 

These two women, as Manasin Copeland states in the video, have been together for 11 years and have had to go through tough times. One such issue has been Waudda Faried's lupus. 

Recently, Colorado passed a bill legalizing civil unions. While it still needs to go through the Senate's Appropriations Committee, Faried sounded pleased, via KDVR:

I’m happy for every gay and lesbian couple out there who want to take that next step and elope...

A lot of people [are] saying civil union. I don’t like it being called that because I can get married to a female and it can be called a marriage. Why can’t a female be married to a female and male be married to a male and it be called a marriage? You still have the same thing, same love and happiness.

I join with Devine in acknowledging there will be various opinions. At the very least, though, Faried should be commended for taking the time to share with us the love afforded to him by his upbringing, an upbringing that raised quite the remarkable young man. 

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