The Funniest Sports Feuds Ever

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJanuary 24, 2013

The Funniest Sports Feuds Ever

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    As we all know, a big part about playing sports is intimidation.

    Sometimes that intimidation can turn into mind games.

    Those mind games can turn humorous when a couple of athletes go back and forth in the media or on the field, causing a little tiff between them.

    Regardless of whether these feuds were reconciled or not, we list them as some of the funniest ones in sports.

Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart

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    Accusation: The two wrestling stars once brawled—without a script—backstage, and thanks to Shawn Michaels making references to an affair between Bret Hart and then WWF Diva Sunny, it only added fuel to the fire.

    Resolution: Though they don't admit to being best buds, after reconciling on RAW in 2010, the two have kept in contact outside the arena through texts.

    Feud Ranking: 4.5. They both wanted to be the face of the then WWF (now WWE), but besides a little alpha male syndrome, it wasn't anything too big.

Mark Cuban vs. Buzz Bissinger

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    Accusation: In our first of many presumed Twitter wars, the Mavs owner called the famous sports writer "a coward," which sent Bissinger into a rant about Cuban's sexuality and greed.

    Resolution: The two quickly ended the war of words by sitting courtside by each other just mere days after they went at each other.

    Feud Ranking: 4.8. Since neither one of these guys is an actual athlete, it's not that big, but with Cuban, every small feud seems to be bigger than it needs to be.

Barry Bonds vs. Jeff Kent

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    Accusation: Kent was one of the first ballplayers to actually call out Bonds on being a jerk. Since Kent was no altar boy himself, it didn't sit too well with Bonds. 

    Resolution: We assume the two have put the past behind them, but with Bonds locked in an ongoing steroids investigation, we're not sure he has time to give his former 'mate a call. It seems the closest the two got to settling this was when Kent ended his days in San Fran by signing with the Dodgers back in the day. 

    Feud Ranking: 5. Like most feuds on this list, it came down to a couple guys who wanted to be the main man, they just happened to be on the same team.

Lane Kiffin vs. Urban Meyer

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    Accusation: While both were still in the SEC, Kiffin (Tennessee) accused Meyer (Florida) of breaking an NCAA recruiting rule, when in fact, he hadn't. Kiffin's embarrassment continued though, as the NCAA hit Kiffin with recruiting penalties. Whoops.

    Resolution: The two are supposedly all "warm and fuzzy" now, so it seems they've both moved on. Though we'd be remiss not to at least show the reaction Meyer had when he found out Lane was leaving UT back in 2010.

    Feud Ranking: 5.2. It seemed to be nothing more than just a chance for Kiffin to get some attention on his own program, taking shots at a two-time national title coach.

Sidney Crosby vs. Alex Ovechkin

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    Accusation: Multiple words exchanged through the media and a "bye bye" wave by Ovechkin as an exclamation mark on the rivalry.

    Resolution: They're two of the best players when they're healthy and actually on the ice, so while they respect each other's games, since they're both fierce competitors, we don't expect a handwritten note by one of them anytime soon.

    Feud Ranking: 5.3. Crosby's game is finesse. Ovie's is power. With that type of contrast in styles, it's only natural they quarrel a bit.

John Calipari vs. John Chaney

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    Accusation: Chaney attacked Calipari (then at UMass) at a postgame presser yelling out, "I'll kill you," after the Temple coach thought Cal had manipulated the officiating.

    Resolution: We saw that Chaney did offer an apology, but we're not sure the now larger-than-life Calipari ever really cared to accept it.

    Feud Ranking: 5.5. Chaney was a firecracker when he coached, even inserting a "goon" to try and hurt other players, so maybe we shouldn't be all that surprised to see his temper flare up here too.

Wayne Chrebet vs. Keyshawn Johnson

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    Accusation: The over-the-top Johnson just couldn't coexist with the blue-collar, undersized Chrebet when both were on the Jets, with Key publishing a book entitled, Just Give Me The Damn Ball, offering his opinion on who the offense should be built around.

    Resolution: Key, the former No. 1 overall pick, scored himself a fat deal with the Bucs to get out of the Big Apple and away from Chrebet. Needless to say, he ran from the chance to say sorry for any of his past comments.

    Feud Ranking: 5.7. At the time, Johnson was a top receiver in the league, but Chrebet wasn't anything to sniff at either. Had they been able to make it work, who knows what could have been?

Michael Jordan vs. Isiah Thomas

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    Accusation: MJ just flat out hated Thomas and the Pistons. It was mainly because of the way the "Bad Boy" Detroit teams used to bully the Bulls. So how'd he play him? By blackballing him from the '92 Dream Team. Ouch.

    Resolution: Jordan wasn't short on feuds during his career—hell, he even had fights with teammates—so we're guessing neither one of these guys has offered up an apology for anything that happened during their careers. Guess we can't all just get along?

    Feud Ranking: 5.9. It started with the Bulls trying to knock off the Pistons from the top of the mountain in the East, and it just never ended. The fact the two still avoid each other means this thing was definitely real.

Dwight Howard & Stan Van Gundy

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    Accusation: If the rumors are accurate, D12 was the reason the Magic fired former head man Stan Van Gundy. What everyone thought was a playful relationship turned out to be ugly during Howard's final season in Orlando last year.

    Resolution: The two have been linked to texting and trying to forget about the past, so maybe they remembered they're not in middle school anymore?

    Feud Ranking: 6. Since they made up and enjoyed pretty solid success together, this feud never got too out of hand, but it definitely could have been worse.

Dana White vs. Jon Jones

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    Accusation: The UFC President, White, constantly gets after one of his prized assets, Jones, calling him a liar on some of the fighter's remarks.

    Resolution: There's never been a formal apology—that we know of?—but Jones has said that he's forgiven White for everything he's said, regardless of who actually accepts the blame.

    Feud Ranking: 6.2. White wants one of his best fighters on the mat. Jones wants to pick and choose who and where he wants to fight. It's a power struggle between the two.

Reggie Miller vs. Spike Lee

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    Accusation: Miller, the former Pacers great, loved playing in MSG. One reason was the garbage producer Spike Lee used to throw his way. How did Reggie respond? By bringing his team back with eight points in nine seconds.

    Resolution: Both of them always had respect for one another, though on the court, they both wore their hearts on their sleeves and loved to go after one another.

    Feud Ranking: 6.5. Who didn't love seeing these two go after each other anytime Indiana made a trip to the Garden? No feud between a fan and player will ever come close to this one.

Jay Cutler vs. Philip Rivers

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    Accusation: After the two were seen jawing at each other during a Monday Night Football game a couple years back, Cutler said he "wasn't a big fan of the guy."

    Resolution: Now that the two don't play in the same division—where they faced off a couple times a year—the rivalry has cooled a little bit. But you can be sure when the Bolts meet the Bears now, the feud is still alive and well.

    Feud Ranking: 6.7. They're two of the most talented (yet still a bit overrated) QBs in the NFL, so the jabs back and forth add a little bit to their appeal.

Terrell Owens vs. All of His Quarterbacks

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    Accusation: Owens' beef with his signal-callers have been well documented, but here's just a small sample of what he's said.

    Resolution: Even with all the sophomoric garbs T.O.'s made towards seemingly all of his QBs, most of the time the hatchet's been buried.

    Feud Ranking: 6.9. Hard to believe the wide receiver's probably going to end up in the Hall someday. If you had control of the ball, would you even look his way after some of the stuff he said?

John Rocker vs. the City of New York

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    Accusation: Rocker had this to say about a trip into old Shea Stadium, saying it's like "riding through Beirut next to some kid with purple hair, next to some queer with AIDS, right next to some dude who just got out of jail for the fourth time, right next to some 20-year-old mom with four kids."

    Resolution: Rocker "apologized" to the city (kind of), but after all he said, would you forgive the guy? Probably not.

    Feud Ranking: 7.1. Considering Rocker still can't show his face around the burbs in NYC—and it's over 10 years later—means he's clearly one of the bigger enemies the city's ever had.

Roger Clemens vs. Mike Piazza

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    Accusation: Besides Clemens beaning Piazza in the helmet during an interleague game in 2000, later that year in the Fall Classic, he tossed a shard piece of bat at the Mets catcher, claiming he thought it was the ball.

    Resolution: Piazza appeared to side with Clemens on the bat incident, saying he'd give him the benefit of the doubt, but never seemed to formally get an apology for anything "The Rocket" did.

    Feud Ranking: 7.3. Clemens threw a mid-'90s heater at Piazza's head, then a bat at him; why do you think it's so high?

Jim Rome vs. Jim Everett

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    Accusation: Rome, interviewing then QB Jim Everett, repeatedly called him by the wrong name, sparking Everett to go after the analyst on camera.

    Resolution: In an interview, Everett denies the reports that the whole thing was staged or fake, and actually says he'd do it all over again if it happened now, saying it was "hilarious." Rome's doing his own thing, so who knows if they've actually ever made up?

    Feud Ranking: 7.6. Whenever a reporter calls an NFL player by the wrong name, it's a bad move. When the name happens to be a former woman's tennis player, it's a bit of a shot.

Andre Agassi vs. Pete Sampras

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    Accusation: Two of the most accomplished tennis players ever had bad blood, thanks to their battles on between the lines, and then intensified things at a charity tennis match in 2010.

    Resolution: As one would imagine, they both brushed the incident off and apologized, pretty much contributed it to their on-court rivalry over the years.

    Feud Ranking: 7.7. Since the feud could be traced back to their playing days, and then came out years after they both retired, it ends up pretty high on our list.

Tim Brown vs. Bill Callahan

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    Accusation: In the most recent feud—unless one just popped up on Twitter—the former All-Pro wideout said his former head coach, Callahan, actually hated the Raiders so intently that he'd be willing to sacrifice the Super Bowl so good pal Jon Gruden could win.

    Resolution: Since the story broke yesterday, who knows how this turns out? But with no proof either way, we think it just flames out.

    Feud Ranking: 8. To suggest a guy would risk his livelihood is pretty harsh, so we doubt they'll be sitting next to each other at the 10-year anniversary dinner.

Skip Bayless vs. LeBron James

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    Accusation: Thanks to the general disrespect that Bayless has for "The King," this phony feud makes our list. If nothing more than overgeneralizing of it every day on "1st and 10", we just couldn't help but add it.

    Resolution: After James captured his first title, Bayless did give dap to LeBron and his Heat teammates, lightening his stance on him a little bit.

    Feud Ranking: 8. What about this feud makes it so high? Because it's stuffed down our throats every single day, and LeBron, for some reason, actually acknowledges the hate—though doesn't initiate it.

Kobe vs. Shaq

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    Accusation: Thanks to each other's dominance, they each own three titles together. But the jewelry wasn't enough for this relationship, with Kobe constantly calling Shaq fat, and Shaq responding "in kind."

    Resolution: The two have since apologized to each other and tend to have a playful relationship, even complimenting and acknowledging the other's careers.

    Feud Ranking: 8.5. Though it's just water under the bridge now, this feud was very real. When a guy as talented as Shaq gets shipped off because he clashes with a teammate, it's pretty big.