Predicting Kobe Bryant's First Tweets: The Best of #MambaTweets

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Predicting Kobe Bryant's First Tweets: The Best of #MambaTweets
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Kobe Bryant decided to come back to Twitter, filling the world with far more Mamba Tweets than it previously had. 

Here is where we take a moment to consider whether there will ever be a tweet number two. 

As Yahoo Sports! reports, Bryant was previously on Twitter back in 2011, but quickly deleted his account. What we are left with today is just this lone tweet, sitting there racking up retweets and follows.


Many used that hashtag as the good Mamba intended, at least we hope. Here is a look at some of the best things to be offered by the fans going nuts over Kobe Bryant's triumphant return to Twitter. 

If you have any hilarious suggestions for future Mamba tweets, by all means stick them in the comments section below. 

Thanks to The Basketball Jones' Trey Kerby, we have some idea of what Bryant might offer to his former point guard.


Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Well, point guard is a bit too heavy a phrase when you refer to Smush Parker. 

Fazz replied to Kerby with a tweet that is pure Kobe Bryant. 

In fact, it's so Bryant that hours after his first tweet, we are still waiting on tweet number two. It's a good thing we have #mambatweets to keep us sated until then.


Kobe Bryant may love Starbursts, but according to Sir Broosk, they are not the only fruit candy.


Myles Brown is always good for a laugh or insightful tweet. Here, he is offering chuckles with an LOLcatz-inspired greeting for Kobe. 

You can almost feel the sincere jubilation.


Oh, BTDubbs, Megan Fox joined Twitter as well. Chris L. Diaz offers his thoughts on Fox joining Twitter at the same time as Mamba. We would have loved if this tweet and link were sent out by the main man himself.


Photo Credit: Status Cars

Now it's time for you to sound off yourself with some classic #MambaTweets in the comments section below. 

Just harness your inner Mamba and deliver things like: 

  • Pau tried to give me fashion tips, but I'm not looking to resemble Tom Selleck's thigh. #mambatweets
  • Between Dwight's back, Steve Nash's back and my knees, we should probably look to sign Betty White next. #MambaTweets

And on and on it goes, because it seems like Bryant is going to sit on that first tweet for the rest of the weekend. 

Hit me up on Twitter, preferably with more #MambaTweets

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