NBA Referees Missed One Hell of an Amir Johnson Double Dribble

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It's a real shame that some guys with a really great view at Wednesday night's Trail Blazers vs. Raptors game missed one of the most peculiar plays. 

Those guys happened to be the NBA referees calling the game. 

A tip of the hat to BuzzFeed for spotting an egregious error on the part of NBA officials, something we should be rather used to by now. 

The play in question comes early in the first quarter of a game the Toronto Raptors went on to win, 102-79. 

As you will see, it's easy to get buckets when you are afforded the comfort or a blatant double dribble. 

At the :03 second mark, Amir Johnson puts the ball on the court and dribbles to his right. A moment later, he picks up his dribble and pivots, a move so amazing it completely wiped the referees' memories of the previous dribble.

He then dribbles again and scores. Oh, and then he runs back on defense with a huge smile on his face while Trail Blazers coach Terry Stotts looks on with an "are you serious? " face. 

Easy, Stotts, because questioning a ref will get you a fine. 

NBA referees continue to be the worst in sports, calling fouls and violations with capricious nonchalance. 

What could be a foul one second is completely ignored on the very next possession. In this case, the NBA officials on the floor were obviously suffering from the extremely rare, but completely hilarious, simultaneous brain fart. 

Any time someone complains that double dribbles and traveling violations are called too often, I assume they don't watch the NBA all too often. 

At this point, I am numb to these things. 

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