Thunder Fan Touches a Sweaty Kris Humphries, Reacts Accordingly

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 3, 2013

One female Oklahoma City Thunder fan wanted to reach out to touch Kris Humphries but, once she acted on this bright idea, she pretty much freaked out. 

A tip of the hat to the Daily Thunder for spotting this moment when a woman's great plan went askew.

Humphries was off to the locker room with 1:36 left in a game that saw the Nets would win 110-93 along with Kevin Durant's first ejection, so hoorays all around. 

At the 10-second mark, a lady wearing a blue shirt reached out to give some love to the NBA star, only to realize, ohhh icky!

I never understood fans who clamor for a used wristband or sweaty headband after a game. Would you run to touch some random dude after a workout at the gym? No, because that is gross and a little bit creepy. 

So, why do you have to touch an athlete after they finish up playing a hard-fought basketball game? Will this really fulfill your life?

Sorry to throw a bunch of questions your way, but these are things that finally need to be answered once and for all. 

This woman thought touching Kris Humphries would be a bright idea. Hint: It's never a bright idea to reach out to touch Humphries. 

Still, it's an even-worse idea when he loses pounds of sweat doing his job, which I believe reads on his resume as "runs up and down the court oafishly."

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