Bucks' Monta Ellis Is Just as Good as Dwyane Wade, According to Monta Ellis

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 31, 2012

For Milwaukee Bucks fans who dreamed of one day having a star like Dwyane Wade in one of their jerseys, you may now rejoice. 

You now have someone who is just as good, Monta Ellis

Here is a video (h/t Yahoo! Sports) of Monta Ellis talking about Monta Ellis and how Monta Ellis is just as good as one of the best in the game. 

Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don't Lie gives us some opinions on this particular video featured during Saturday's game between the Heat and Bucks, a game Milwaukee would win, 104-85. 

Of course, this is just one athlete answering a question with tremendous bravado, something we should expect at this point. 

Still, it's a claim that now has hoop heads debating. 

Wade, who is 30 years old, trumps Ellis in points, assists, rebounds and field-goal percentage when you take into account career averages. 

As for this specific campaign, things have been leveled with Ellis putting up Wade-like numbers. This is where we agree completely with Dwyer. 

Wade shares the ball with a 20-8 team that is fifth in the league in scoring, while Ellis leads a 16-win team that is 18th in scoring. 

More than that, the fact that Wade is continuing to heal from offseason knee surgery should be considered. Ellis claims the only thing separating him and Wade are wins and rings. 

No, those are just the start, but nice try. 

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