Ricky Rubio's Face Makes Christmas Special and a Tad Creepy for Super Fan

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Ricky Rubio's Face Makes Christmas Special and a Tad Creepy for Super Fan
Photo Credit: Dead Pierce Twitter

As it turns out, Ricky Rubio's face can be used for a humongous blanket. 

Yahoo! Sports reports one lucky NBA fan received just what they wanted this year in the form of a tremendous blanket with one big Ricky Rubio face splashed over the top of it. 

Kelly Dwyer spotted quite the picture found on the Twitter account of Dean Pierce, who is a self-professed "NBA fanatic."

Pierce wanted to make this Christmas special, so he decided to commission pretty much the biggest Ricky Rubio blanket we have ever seen. 

Scratch that, this is the biggest Ricky Rubio face we have ever seen.


Photo Credit: Dead Pierce Twitter

In case you are wondering how something like this gets made, Pierce answers that for us in a tweet to an amazed tweep.


Photo Credit: Dead Pierce Twitter

In one respect, we stand in awe of this grand and gorgeous blanket, which is a shining beacon of fandom. Any Rubio fan would be giddy to have such a thing. 

Though, you would have to be a gigantic fan—one as big as that smiling face. 

Still, it is rather creepy to get on the couch, bring a huge homage to the Timberwolves star and drape yourself with it. 

No matter, it all has a happy ending because Rubio gave the fan a holler back with this tweet.


If you are a fan of blankets and Spanish point guards, this blanket is pretty much the perfect gift. 

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