Santa Claus Smashes Face on Rim During Awful Rockets vs. Bulls Game

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If you didn't get anything for Christmas, it may be because Santa Claus was knocked down on the floor of the United Center in Chicago. 

All of Christmas day was filled with great games that kept you fat and happy through their duration. Well, except for that Rockets and Bulls game. 

For once, interacting with relatives seemed like a far better option than watching that snooze fest. At some point, the live feed busted out footage of a bunch of Santa Clauses dunking off a trampoline during a game break. 

I thought I had seen one Santa smash his kisser right on the rim, but brushed it aside as a hallucination brought on by one too many tamales and three too many trips to the sweets table. 

Well, I was right. 

This video posted to YouTube shows a bunch of Santas keeping the crowd entertained during the worst of five holiday matchups

At the 16-second mark, you see Saint Nick leaping off a trampoline and pulling off a dynamic 360 that almost makes us forget the Bulls lost by 23 points at home, 120-97. 

He comes down and smacks his chin on the rim and falls to the cushy mat below. 

We certainly hope he is doing well. It looks like he manages to get off the mat just as more Santas come dunking his way and gets a pat on the back from a friendly elf. 

If you are grumpy with what was under your tree, chin up. You could have a bruise like this guy right here. 

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