Biggest Fails of the NBA Season So Far

Alec Nathan@@AlecBNathanFeatured ColumnistDecember 21, 2012

Biggest Fails of the NBA Season So Far

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    For all of the glorious moments we have been treated to throughout the first two months of the NBA season, a few clumsy plays and unimaginable storylines have provided comic relief for fans across the basketball universe.

    The usual suspects have populated the NBA's early-season failure charts, which is great news if you happen to be a fan of Andrew Bynum's reckless behavior or JaVale McGee's mental lapses.

    With many more epic fails on the way, we present a list of the NBA's best so far this season.

JaVale McGee's Wild Pass

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    The most decorated king of NBA fails, JaVale McGee owns the title of the league's biggest klutz. It's a shame too, because McGee is beginning to refine his game to the point where he's becoming a real problem for opponents.

    McGee's biggest gaffe this season came against the Indiana Pacers, and the play actually showed the full dichotomy of the man fans love to ridicule.

    After scrambling for a rebound, McGee pulls out a tricky behind-the-back dribble to scoot by a Pacer defender, but it's all downhill from there.

    Even all of the athleticism in the world couldn't keep McGee upright, as he stumbles down the floor and throws an errant lob pass intended for Kenneth Faried before taking out a teammate's legs from under him.

    When you're throwing passes that aren't able to be corralled by Faried's massive wingspan, you know you've messed up.

All Andrew Bynum Everything

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    Where to begin with Andrew Bynum? Philadelphia 76ers fans thought they were getting an All-Star center in exchange for Andre Iguodala and some young building blocks, but instead they've been treated to a sideshow, one with quite an impressive head of hair.

    Unfortunately, Bynum's rapidly growing 'fro has not been the only problem the Sixers have encountered when it comes to their prized offseason acquisition.

    The now infamous injuries Bynum sustained while bowling have dampened hopes that he will suit up at all this season for his new squad, which means the supposed blockbuster trade the Sixers pulled off may ultimately be ruled a disaster for Philly.

    Bynum's future in Philadelphia is clouded by doubt that his knees will never be the same, so from here on out the Sixers will need to take a wait-and-see approach with their enigmatic center.

Kris Humphries Rejected by Courtney Kirkland

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    NBA referees are rarely praised for their performances, so let's take some time here to commend Courtney Kirkland for displaying his athletic prowess here against Brooklyn Nets forward Kris Humphries.

    Kirkland's defensive awareness is pretty phenomenal, and given that he appears to be nearly a full foot shorter than Humphries, his vertical shouldn't go without mention.

    Heck, Kirkland's defensive effort here trumps those of Antawn Jamison on an average night.

    What makes this play even more entertaining is Ian Eagle's call on the replay of Kirkland's attempted block.

    "Oh, denied!" That sums things up nicely.

Nick Young Doing Nick Young Things

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    If we're voting for the biggest fail of the season thus far, this one has my vote. It's hard to get excited about a Philadelphia 76er offense that is often quite stagnant and ineffective, but they're typically worth watching just for the antics of Nick Young.

    The man who refers to himself as Swaggy P. is known for taking some outlandish shots, and a change of scenery has not changed things one bit.

    As the first quarter drew to a close against the New York Knicks early this season, Swaggy, instead of saving the sidelines-bound ball to a teammate, throws up a desperation heave from behind the basket.

    This would all be well and good were the clock close to hitting all zeroes, but Young decides that 10 seconds just isn't enough time to get a good look.

    Can you blame the guy, though? The Sixers rank 25th in the league in points per game, so it's fair to assume that Swaggy just wanted to provide a spark, per usual.

Andre Iguodala Blows Open Dunk

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    Denver Nuggets forward Andre Iguodala is known as one of the NBA's premier slam-dunk artisans, but sometimes taking your eye off the cylinder for even a second can result in hilarity.

    Faced with a fast break and not one defender in front of him, Iguodala appears ready to coast onto highlight tapes, but instead, ends up on blooper reels.

    What makes Iguodala's failed dunk even better is his inability to convert the layup after corralling the loose ball. But hey, you have to commend his determination.

Kendrick Perkins' Follow Through

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    It's not often you see Kendrick Perkins attempt a jump shot. It's even rarer to catch a glimpse of the scowling Oklahoma City Thunder center convert on one.

    Perhaps that's why Perkins felt the need to savor this one with an extra long and deliberate follow-through.

    At first it looks almost as if Perkins is leaning in to grab the rebound on the shot he knows he's almost certain to miss. But alas, it falls gently through the cylinder.

    One day in the near future there will be a name for the Perkins follow-through, and we can only hope that we see it on a few more occasions this season.