Bleacher Report's Expert Consensus Week 16 NFL Picks

Michael SchotteyNFL National Lead WriterDecember 18, 2012

Bleacher Report's Expert Consensus Week 16 NFL Picks

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    Last week was billed as "Statement Week" in the NFL, but the only statement made was the same one being proclaimed in Weeks 1-14: The NFL is a crazy place.

    No one expected the San Francisco 49ers to jump out to such a convincing lead against the New England Patriots. Just as unlikely? The Patriots' surge to make it a close game at the end. What should've been a great game turned into a blowout and then back into an amazing game.

    Lots of people are hoping that was our Super Bowl preview.

    No one expected the New York Giants to get shut out against the Atlanta Falcons. No one expected the Carolina Panthers to fly across the country and steal the San Diego Chargers' lunch money. No one expected the Seattle Seahawks to do their best Oregon Ducks impersonation (complete with alternate uniforms) and hang a 50-spot on the Bills.

    Week 16 should be even crazier as teams ramp up for the playoffs and wind down for a long offseason of answering critics.


    Our B/R Panel of Experts

    Matt Miller: NFL Draft Senior Lead Writer (@NFLDraftScout)

    Aaron Nagler: NFL Lead Writer (@Aaron_Nagler)

    Erik Frenz: AFC East Divisional Lead Writer (@ErikFrenz)

    Andrea Hangst: AFC North Divisional Lead Writer (@FBALL_Andrea)

    Chris Hansen: AFC West Divisional Lead Writer (@ChrisHansenNFL)

    Nate Dunlevy: AFC South Divisional Lead Writer (@NateDunlevy)

    Brad Gagnon: NFC East Divisional Lead Writer (@Brad_Gagnon)

    Andrew Garda: NFC North Divisional Lead Writer (@Andrew_Garda)

    Tyson Langland: NFC West Divisional Lead Writer (@TysonNFL)

    Knox Bardeen: NFC South Divisional Lead Writer (@KnoxBardeen)


    Note: All betting odds are for informational purposes only and courtesy of Although spreads are provided, all picks are straight up.


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    Expert Last Week Overall
    Hangst 12-4 147-77
    Garda 9-7 145-79
    Frenz 8-8 144-80
    Bardeen 9-7 144-80
    Dunlevy 13-3 141-83
    Nagler 9-7 138-86
    Langland 9-7 138-86
    Gagnon 11-5 136-88
    Miller 9-7 135-89
    Schottey 9-7 134-90
    Hansen 8-8 127-88

Atlanta Falcons vs. Detroit Lions

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    B/R Consensus: Falcons (Unanimous)

    Vegas: Falcons (-3)


    Schottey: Falcons

    The Lions are playing for draft position now, and there's little chance of them being able to do their "Cardiac Cat" routine against the Falcons. Look for them to get down early and stay down.


    Nagler: Falcons

    The Falcons made a big-time statement against the Giants. There's a legit fear of a letdown here, especially with Detroit's defensive line being able to dominate up front against the Falcons. But Mike Nolan's defense keeps the Lions in check.


    Bardeen: Falcons

    The Falcons finally played a full 60 minutes of quality football in Week 15 and need to continue building on that body of work as they prepare for the playoffs. Instead of resting players or tuning up as the season comes to a close, watch Atlanta keep pushing on offense.


    Garda: Falcons

    Months ago, this already looked like a tough game for the Lions. But now that they've packed it in and traveled to "Don't Care No Moreville," I have a hard time believing they can make a game of it.

    Honestly, they don't have the secondary to stop the trio of Tony Gonzalez, Julio Jones and Rowdy Roddy White. I'd like to say it is a close one, but who am I kidding? Unless Detroit wakes up, this could be real ugly.

New Orleans Saints vs. Dallas Cowboys

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    B/R Consensus: Cowboys (8-3)

    Vegas: Cowboys (-3)


    Schottey: Cowboys

    If the Saints play like they played last week, they win this game handily. Both of these teams have been wildly inconsistent from game to game, but I like Tony Romo to get the job done here.


    Nagler: Cowboys

    This Cowboys team just keeps finding ways to win, even with an extremely banged-up defense. Drew Brees and the Saints are playing better than they were early in the season, but the Cowboys keep their playoff hopes alive.


    Bardeen: Saints

    With the way New Orleans played against Tampa Bay, you have to wonder where this team has been all season. Drew Brees and Co. have made it their mission to finish the season strong.


    Gagnon: Cowboys

    I love what Dallas is doing right now, and I'm not putting a ton of stock into the unpredictable Saints trashing the Buccaneers last week. Dallas stays alive with another close home victory.

Tennessee Titans vs. Green Bay Packers

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    B/R Consensus: Packers (Unanimous)

    Vegas: Packers (-11.5)


    Schottey: Packers

    The Titans have an outside chance if they're able ramp up their pass rush and get Chris Johnson rolling early. That said, it's just not happening. Even if they harass Aaron Rodgers all day long, the Packers just have too much talent not to put this one away.


    Nagler: Packers

    The Packers may not be as pretty to watch as they were when their offense was lighting up opponents in 2011, but they are a more complete football team. The Titans won't stick around for long in this one.


    Dunlevy: Packers

    This is a classic mismatch. The Titans aren't on this level. Green Bay wins big.


    Garda: Packers

    The only hope for the Titans is if Chris Johnson can take advantage of the poor Packers run defense and they somehow manage to get a big lead. Otherwise, the Packers will stomp them. They have too many weapons for Tennessee to stop.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Kansas City Chiefs

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    B/R Consensus: Colts (10-1)

    Vegas: Colts (-6.5)


    Schottey: Colts

    It's tough to believe that Indianapolis' run defense will stop Jamaal Charles, but it might be even harder to remember the last time the Chiefs scored on offense. The Colts shouldn't take this game lightly, but only one of these teams has a capable QB.


    Nagler: Colts

    Andrew Luck will have to be aware of where Tamba Hali is on each and every play. Kansas City's pass rush can dominate Indy's offensive line, but Luck will make all the difference.


    Dunlevy: Colts

    The Colts need a win to guarantee a playoff spot, and they have more than enough to handle the league's worst team. Indy wins big.


    Hansen: Colts

    Even if the Chiefs were playing the Jaguars at home, I wouldn't pick them to win a game at this point. The Chiefs have been strangely capable at times this season, but mostly awful. Without Dwayne Bowe, they are just going to be awful.


    Picking the Chiefs: Miller

Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins

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    B/R Consensus: Dolphins (9-2)

    Vegas: Dolphins (-4.5)


    Schottey: Bills

    It's tempting to go with the home team here, but the Bills had the Dolphins' number last time around, and I'm giving them a bit of a pass after getting embarrassed by the Seahawks. They shut down Miami's ground attack before and can do it again.


    Nagler: Dolphins

    Ryan Tannehill should be the starter in Miami for a long time. Ryan Fitzpatrick's time as the starter in Buffalo is coming to a close. Dolphins fans may be less than thrilled with their team this year, but Joe Philbin's group gets a division win.


    Frenz: Dolphins

    The Bills packed it in a long time ago. Miami has at least remained competitive throughout the season.

San Diego Chargers vs. New York Jets

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    B/R Consensus: Jets (10-1)

    Vegas: Jets (-3)


    Schottey: Jets

    There's little reason to pick either of these teams to win a game, but San Diego's injuries, especially to Ryan Mathews, should mean a field day for the home team.


    Nagler: Jets

    This will be an ugly display of football. The Chargers can't block New York's pass rush. The Jets can't move the ball on the ground or through the air on anyone. The Jets win because they're at home and because Norv Turner is involved.


    Hansen: Jets

    The Chargers didn't even show up on Sunday at home against the Panthers. That's by Takeo Spikes' own admission. Traveling to the East Coast isn't going to help them get motivated to play.


    Frenz: Jets

    How anyone could have confidence in the Chargers to win this game after what happened to them against the Panthers is beyond me. The Jets pick up the win by making fewer mistakes than their opponent.


    Picking the Chargers: Miller

Washington Redskins vs. Philadelphia Eagles

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    B/R Consensus: Redskins (Unanimous)

    Vegas: Redskins (-4)


    Schottey: Redskins

    A few weeks ago, I thought the Redskins were on the outside looking in for the playoff race. Another convincing win with a healthy RGIII should pretty much end that notion. The only question is if the Redskins defense can outscore the offense with all the turnovers the Eagles are sure to provide.


    Nagler: Redskins

    Hard to know how this plays out without knowing who will be starting for Washington. Not that it matters. The Eagles defensive linemen have been playing out of their minds, but it won't be enough to win.


    Gagnon: Redskins

    Doesn't matter who starts at quarterback for the Redskins. This team is greater than the sum of its parts and should be able to hammer an unmotivated Eagles team.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

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    B/R Consensus: Steelers (7-4)

    Vegas: Steelers (-4)


    Schottey: Steelers

    Look for the Steelers to pressure Andy Dalton and throw him off his game early. Dick LeBeau knows he can't cover A.J. Green, but he can make darn sure the ball doesn't get anywhere near him.


    Nagler: Steelers

    The Bengals are probably the better team, but I'm taking the Steelers because I can't see Mike Tomlin and Big Ben losing a big game at home late in the year with the playoffs in sight. That's it.


    Hangst: Steelers

    The Steelers are on a two-game losing streak and can't do anything to bump the Baltimore Ravens out of the playoffs. Still, Heinz Field is not a good spot for the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

    If the last few weeks are any indication, this won't be pretty, especially with both teams' January hopes on the line. I have the Steelers winning a close one.




    Frenz: Bengals

    The Steelers have lost four of their last five games. The Bengals have won five of their last six games. Pittsburgh can't run it, and that doesn't bode well against a defensive line that leads the league in sacks. That should allow the Bengals to tee off on Roethlisberger


    Also Picking the Bengals: Miller, Hansen, Gagnon

St. Louis Rams vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    B/R Consensus: Rams (7-4)

    Vegas: Buccaneers (-3)


    Schottey: Rams

    Long term, I love where the Buccaneers are headed. But in this game, I think the more experienced coach (Jeff Fisher) and the tougher defense (Rams) gets the edge.


    Nagler: Buccaneers

    The Bucs were thoroughly embarrassed by the Saints. The Rams couldn't have looked less intimidating against the Vikings. The Bucs get back on track by running the football and getting the ball to Vincent Jackson off play-action.


    Langland: Buccaneers

    This is a matchup between teams that have exceeded everyone's expectations from a record standpoint. Yet, they just aren't quite good enough to take that next step as playoff contenders.

    Even though Tampa Bay is losers of four straight, it still has the edge over a Rams team that is 2-7 outside the NFC West. Doug Martin will set the tone for the Bucs offense by topping the century mark for the fifth time this season.


    Bardeen: Rams

    With a secondary that leaves much to be desired, the Buccaneers will have a tough time stopping Sam Bradford, who threw for 377 yards against the Vikings. Both Josh Freeman and Doug Martin have been sluggish of late and won’t have enough to keep up with the Rams.


    Also Picking the Buccaneers: Hansen, Dunlevy

Oakland Raiders vs. Carolina Panthers

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    B/R Consensus: Panthers (Unanimous)

    Vegas: Panthers (-8.5)


    Schottey: Panthers

    I predicted Oakland's offensive ineptitude before the season, and none of the fans believed me. Any points Cam Newton gets will be enough to win this one for Carolina.


    Nagler: Panthers

    The Panthers are in the midst of saving Ron Rivera's job by beating up on bad teams, and Oakland certainly qualifies for that distinction.


    Hansen: Panthers

    The Raiders haven't traveled well, and the Panthers are not nearly as bad as the Chiefs. The Raiders will actually have to score touchdowns to win this game. Cam Newton is capable of burning Oakland's terrible secondary and evading a paltry pass rush.


    Bardeen: Panthers

    Cam Newton has bounced back from a slow start. He not only looks like the complete package he was during his rookie season, but he is also limiting mistakes. As long as he keeps the turnovers to a minimum, Carolina will win games.

New England Patriots vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

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    B/R Consensus: Patriots (Unanimous)

    Vegas: Patriots (-14.5)


    Schottey: Patriots

    Maybe the Jaguars can catch a plane to London and tell Roger Goodell they thought the game was there this week. Pats roll.


    Nagler: Patriots

    Poor Jacksonville. It gets Tom Brady and the Patriots a week after New England lost a tough game to San Fransisco. You can expect the Pats to take it out on the Jaguars. Make sure you bring your Jag Rags, Jaguars fans!


    Frenz: Patriots

    After the way the Patriots lost to the 49ers, it's hard not to feel bad for their next opponent. The Patriots will be ready to make a statement heading into the playoffs against a very bad team.

    New England has forced its opponents to execute long drives down the field, and the Jaguars have proven utterly incapable of doing that this year.


    Dunlevy: Patriots

    Pats will win a laugher. I don't think Jacksonville fans will be laughing, though.

Minnesota Vikings vs. Houston Texans

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    B/R Consensus: Texans (Unanimous)

    Vegas: Texans (-7.5)


    Schottey: Texans

    It is tempting to pick the Vikings here, if only because Adrian Peterson cannot be stopped. Still, I look for the Texans to force Christian Ponder into enough mistakes and Arian Foster to control the ball well enough to equalize Peterson's efforts.


    Nagler: Texans

    The Texans will use their running game to keep Adrian Peterson off the field and use Andre Johnson to score points. Peterson will be held to fewer than 200 yards for the first time in seemingly forever.


    Garda: Texans

    Adrian Peterson will have a good day, but the problem is he might be the only one. The Vikings defense, which has forgotten how to tackle for the most part, is going to have to stop Arian Foster.

    If it does that, it then has to control Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels. And if the Vikes fall behind, which I expect, then it's on Christian Ponder to win. That is exactly how J.J. Watt could break the sack record.


    Dunlevy: Texans

    This is a tough game to pick. Houston didn't defend the run well last week, but I'm not ready to back Christian Ponder on the road. Houston locks up home field with a solid win.

Cleveland Browns vs. Denver Broncos

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    B/R Consensus: Broncos (Unanimous)

    Vegas: Broncos (-13.5)


    Schottey: Broncos

    The Browns are tough against the pass, so maybe that spread is a little high. But the Broncos are playing better football than anyone right now, and Brandon Weeden and Co. won't be able to match point for point.


    Nagler: Broncos

    The Browns have the makings of a good football team. The Broncos are a good football team. It's almost unfair to Browns fans to make them watch Brandon Weeden while having to watch Peyton Manning play for the opposing team.


    Hangst: Broncos

    The Broncos may well be the best team in the NFL at present. Though trap games can happen, it won't be this Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. There are positives about Cleveland's season, but the Browns can't beat a team like Denver just yet.


    Hansen: Broncos

    With two more wins, the Broncos will secure a first-round bye in the playoffs and ensure that the Patriots (or another team) have to come to Denver.

    The last thing the Broncos want is to have to travel to Foxborough in January. Handling the Browns at home shouldn't be a problem for Peyton Manning and Von Miller.

Chicago Bears vs. Arizona Cardinals

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    B/R Consensus: Bears (Unanimous)

    Vegas: Bears (-5.5)


    Schottey: Bears

    The Bears are fighting for their playoff lives and have a lot more to play for than the Lions, the last team the Cardinals beat up on. Bears roll thanks to the Cardinals' inept offensive line.


    Nagler: Bears

    The Bears are a mess. Their offense is impotent. Their defense is banged up. But despite all of that, they will eat whoever is under center for the Cardinals for breakfast, and the offense will lean on Matt Forte to grind out a win in the desert.


    Garda: Bears

    We expected the Lions to stomp the Cardinals last week, but that didn't happen. The Bears have a much better defense and, despite some uneven play, a better offense. This shouldn't be a hard game to win, even on the road. The Bears absolutely have to win if they want to make the playoffs.


    Langland: Bears

    Don't expect another surprise victory for the Arizona Cardinals in Week 16. They were fortunate enough to have the Lions make every mistake possible on Sunday.

    While the Bears may not be that same 7-1 team we thought they were after Week 9, they are still the more talented team, even on the road.

New York Giants vs. Baltimore Ravens

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    B/R Consensus: Giants (9-2)

    Vegas: Giants (-2.5)


    Schottey: Ravens

    Weeks ago, I said that Baltimore's defensive injuries wouldn't matter if the offense could continue to carry the team. It didn't, and it got Cam Cameron fired. However, with the injuries to the Giants defense, I'm looking for a better day for Joe Flacco and Co.


    Nagler: Giants

    Two teams coming off embarrassing butt-kickings. Who do you trust to shake it off and show up to play this week: Joe Flacco or Eli Manning? Yeah, me too.


    Gagnon: Giants

    New York is sliding quickly, but so is Baltimore. Under those circumstances, I'll take Tom Coughlin. I know this is a tough road game, but I'll take a more desperate Giants team.


    Hangst: Giants

    Both the Giants and Ravens have been maddeningly inconsistent, and now the Ravens don't even look like the unbeatable-at-home squad they've been over the past few seasons.

    The Giants, however, just got shut out by the Atlanta Falcons and could well miss the playoffs after winning the Super Bowl last season.

    If New York plays to the level of its talent, it will get the win on Sunday. Pound for pound, the Giants are in far less trouble on both sides of the ball than Baltimore.


    Also Picking the Ravens: Frenz

San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

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    B/R Consensus: Seahawks (8-3)

    Vegas: Pick 'em


    Schottey: Seahawks

    Two of the best teams in football playing some of the best football. At home, with that crowd and defense, it's impossible to pick against the Seahawks.


    Nagler: Seahawks

    This could be a tough game to watch. Not because of the quality of play on the field, mind you, but because the hitting will be so fierce that you can expect a number of injury timeouts.

    I tend to think the Niners are the more talented team. But on this night, in this stadium, the Seahawks will find a way to win.


    Langland: Seahawks

    Talk about a hard decision. This was by far the toughest choice I've had to make all year. Right now these clubs are the hottest in the NFL.

    San Francisco just went to Foxborough and put it on the Patriots in historic fashion, but the Seattle Seahawks have outscored their opponent 108-17 over the last two games.

    These are evenly matched teams without a doubt, yet I'm picking Seattle because of its 6-0 home record.


    Michael Schottey is the NFL national lead writer for Bleacher Report and a member of the Pro Football Writers of America. Find more of his stuff at The Go Route.