Matt Bonner Can Dunk According to Recently Unearthed Video Footage

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 12, 2012

The NBA's resident ginger can throw it down, and we have video evidence of the amazing feat. 

The Basketball Jones spotted this wonderful moment in sports history when the Spurs' Matt Bonner slam-dunked the ball with such pizazz that he apparently won a high school contest. 

As we are hilariously reminded by their report, Bonner isn't exactly known for dropping the hammer.

Outside of his slam against the Rockets, one against the Raptors a couple years ago, and those two dunks he had against us in the Rock the Court tournament, these are actually the only other dunks of Matt Bonner’s entire basketball career. I know it’s a surprise, but it has to be true.

If you happen to be a Bonner historian, please chime in with other scintillating slams that he may have had during his glorious nine-year career. 

As for his dunks during this Rock the Court tournament—well, they are sensational. Even Blake Griffin would be proud. Heck, Brent Barry would be proud.

The winner is a back-to-the-basket dunk that we demand to see at the Slam Dunk Contest at this season's All-Star weekend. 

It would sure beat the kind of hackneyed comedy that we have seen from the NBA event in the past few years.