Most Ridiculous Photos of Andrew Bynum Not Playing Basketball in 2012-13

Ethan Sherwood Strauss@SherwoodStraussNBA Lead WriterDecember 6, 2012

Most Ridiculous Photos of Andrew Bynum Not Playing Basketball in 2012-13

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    So that's Andrew Bynum giving a Playboy Playmate a piggyback ride.

    That's an old photo, but an early testament to Bynum's incredibly amusing off-court antics. 

    He's been sidelined this season with knee trouble, which ordinarily makes for depressing, idle news. But when it comes to Andrew Bynum, idle hands are the devil's playthings in increasingly funny and fun ways. 

    There is an irony to how one of the league's most monosyllabic, flat interviewees can be so hilarious off the court. Wherever Andrew Bynum goes away from the arena, he generates news of the most tickling variety. We're here to chronicle some of the best photos from his glorious 2012-13 "rehab" time.

5. Luke Walton and the Afro

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    Hey, remember when these two were teammates? Also, did you even know that Luke Walton is still in the league?

    That's right, the Lakers' once-promising point forward is averaging an uncomfortable .4 points for the Cleveland Cavaliers. At a -4.73 PER, Walton may have been even less productive than the suited-up Bynum this season. 

    This photo was taken during Bynum's full Afro phase, a hairstyle that looks especially odd given his height. He's tall enough already, at 7' in socks. Now, he's got seemingly an extra foot about his head that's swaying like a building in a hurricane.

    I just wonder what this novelty pairing is giggling about.

    Kobe? It's got to be something related to Kobe. 

4. Yolofro

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    Oh, we're not done with Andrew Bynum's Afro, not when it reached this kind of crazy apogee during a Sixers media session. I also cannot claim credit for the "Yolofro" moniker. All the credit goes to Black Sports Online, which currently sells an Andrew Bynum "Yolofro" shirt, probably in your size. 

    This hairstyle, mixed with the concerned media questioning, again presents us with the hilarious Bynum juxtaposition. On the one hand, his injury should be dismaying. On the other hand, he's discussing the glum circumstance with increasingly fun hairstyles.

    He may not be playing, but is it fair to call Andrew Bynum a sup-hair-star? Okay, I'll stop.  

3. Drew and Blue

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    One of the joys of Andrew Bynum is that he looks out of place doing virtually anything. Of course, the seven-footer has to do normal people activities, but there's something ineffably hilarious about seeing him shop at Target.

    Isn't he a millionaire? Does Target market to the big and tall in ways I've not heard of? Is Andrew Bynum a fan of especially cheap, plastic kitchenware?

    What's better than seeing Bynum at Target is seeing him alongside a sad-looking fan, one who happens to be bedecked in an unfashionable blue flannel sweatshirt. You would think a picture alongside an NBA All-Star would elicit some kind of smile.

    Fun detail: This isn't even Bynum's only photo at a "target" of sorts. He was spotted going into the gun range for shooting practice in November.   

2. Arcade Andrew

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    At least this is more related to basketball than his bowling expedition (via ESPN). Here is Andrew Bynum at Dave & Busters, making knee rehab look absolutely delightful.  

    Andrew also has impressive pop-a-shot form, I must say. Note the bended knees, the abbreviated follow-through, the enraged Sixers fan. Wait, I think I might have accidentally transposed the existence of that third detail into the photo. 

    Either way, there's something hilarious about seeing Bynum in this context. When he's not doing bland, curt interviews, he comports himself with a childlike glee. 

1. Don King Hair Day

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    Do you remember where you were when you saw this shot of Andrew Bynum's hair?

    Like memories of the JFK assassination generations ago, basketball fans will always be able to pinpoint the exact moment they saw this ridiculous mound of poofy hair. 

    There was just something about the retro hairdo, juxtaposed with Andrew's glum facial expression. It was striking enough that TMZ covered the way Bynum looked whilst watching a nondescript game against the Pistons.  

    I am certainly no hair expert, nor am I one to cast stones at someone else's style. There's something about the way Bynum keeps escalating his off-court quirks that captures the zeitgeist.

    It goes beyond "good" or "bad" style; it's Bynum being Bynum.