Kobe Bryant 30,000-Point Club: Twitter Reacts to Lakers Star's Amazing Feat

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Kobe Bryant 30,000-Point Club: Twitter Reacts to Lakers Star's Amazing Feat

With his 13th point in the Los Angeles Lakers' game against the New Orleans Hornets, Kobe Bryant officially joined the NBA's 30,000-point club.

Reaching one of the only career basketball milestones that really gets any kind of attention, Kobe joins Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone, Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain as the only members of the club. If we include ABA statistics, Julius Erving is right at 30,026, so he deserves a little bit of credit as well.

That being said, with Kobe accomplishing such a feat, the only thing he really has left is to hunt down the guys ahead of him and see what he can do to make his way up the list.

Taking a look ahead of him, aside from Erving, Kobe is trailing Wilt Chamberlain, who is stuck on 31,419 points, so there's a slight gap.

As one of the most puzzlingly controversial players in the history of the league, it seems only necessary to examine the public and popular opinion of his accomplishment. So with the help of Twitter, I give you a look into how everybody is feeling about Kobe reaching 30,000.

As he approached the 13 points he needed, you could feel people starting to get antsy, with tweeters readying their thumbs and bloggers warming up their wit:

Unpredictable, and generally unstoppable, Kobe dropped in his 30,000th (well, technically, 30,001st point) with a shot at the rim from Chris Duhon.

Way to go Duhon for becoming a part of history there. From that point on, Twitter exploded:

Of course, with such a controversial player passing a milestone, there are going to be a few playful jabs pointed his way:

And you know what? Even Shaq took a few seconds out of his busy day being Shaq to give his caps-locked congratulations:

Nike's got a pretty cool shirt coming out to commemorate Kobe's achievement:

Kobe-backers are coming out of the closet left and right!

We can get a nice look at the past scoring achievements in Kobe's career as well, as this is just one of many:

We've also got to point out that Kobe scored that 30,000th point against the team that drafted him, only to trade him away. Oh, what could have been:

And finally, here's a look at a nifty infographic (via NBA.com) that charts Kobe's scoring output over his career and ultimate ascent into the record books:

Clearly, the Mamba is exceptional at what he does.

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