NBA Chuckers Who Need to Temper Their Shot Selection

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NBA Chuckers Who Need to Temper Their Shot Selection
Harry How/Getty Images

The very term "chucker" implies that a guy should perhaps pass more often or not involve himself in so many possessions. Deep down, we know that this is a bad tendency for a player to have, but we also tend to most celebrate the guys who shoot.

Fans and media give much incentive for players to fire away. The 2010-11 Chicago Bulls had an incredible defense and bench in equal measure. Whom did we reward for that? Well, we gave an MVP award to their designated "chucker," Derrick Rose.

I am not citing that instance to start some argument about Derrick Rose's old MVP merits, or even to declare that he needed to pass more often. The instance is merely mentioned to demonstrate that a guy who shoots most gets the most credit.

Even if we decry the selfishness of "ballhogs," we must concede that that ball-hogging exists because of us. Shooting less will be no guarantee that any of the guys on this list get more media attention. So without further ado, here are some guys who could help their offenses—not their reputations—with a little more restraint.

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