Kris Humphries Shows off the Horror of Rajon Rondo Spat

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Kris Humphries Shows off the Horror of Rajon Rondo Spat
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Please remember to keep Kris Humphries in your thoughts, because he suffered some horrible injuries as a result of Wednesday night's brawl. 

Seriously, Humphries received some scratches. Oh, and that brawl? It was more of a minor skirmish between two athletes who play in a league that strictly forbids such actions. NHL fans love how adorable that fight was.

It was all enough for the former Mr. Kim Kardashian to take to Twitter (h/t NESN) to show off his war wounds. A warning to those who are squeamish at athletes trying to be funny: Look away.


Photo Credit: Kris Humphries Twitter

I know what you are all thinking: How is he going to play with one arm? How could he possibly manage the pain of having his arm nearly severed during the game? The horror. 

Obviously, Humphries was just kidding around about getting a Tetanus shot after his scrape with Rajon Rondo, which you can see below. 

One good joke deserves another, or a multitude. 

Humphries managed to spell Tetanus as "Tetnis" to begin the proceedings and changed it once others noted it. 

You can see the error in one of the funnier retweets. 

Here is Myles Brown answering a simple question.

Boom. Drop the mic and walk away, Mr. Brown. 

This NBA brawl was actually just a shoving match, and the battle wound is a bunch of scratches. Somehow, Kris Humphries managed to make this more hilarious than it already was. 

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