Dikembe Mutombo Saves World for Old Spice in Bizarre Video Game Ad

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 26, 2012

Photo Credit: Old Spice
Photo Credit: Old Spice

Old Spice decided to use Dikembe Mutombo to move some of its product, and now I can't get the sights and sounds of the video game out of my head. 

Mission accomplished, Old Spice. 

Of course, we aren't in the habit of writing about commercials, but you will soon agree that there is something wonderfully odd about the latest from the company determined to make men smell great. 

Just go to Old Spice Saves the World.

From there, you will be greeted by the raspy tones of the NBA legend's voice declaring the world must be saved and that he is the one to do it. That's when you're greeted with the ultimate in eight-bit start screens. 

By the way, the cursor is an ingenious wagging finger. 

Obviously, you click to start the game. That's when Mutomobo's head explodes and rockets up to the sky. Out of the head comes a smaller Mutombo and three eight-bit honeys. 

Please stay with me, because it gets better, then weirder, then better again. 

There, you can play a number of games, most of which have you meeting Mutombo's friends: Science the Bear or Random Turkey. 

In once instance, you are fighting dancers who have the nerve to actually dance to a beat not unlike Gangnam Style. 

In another, you barrel down fighting something called Blurgies, all while having to listen to the song It's Thanksgiving by Nicole Westbrook

Normally, you would want to jump off a building rather than listen to that particular song, but bopping Blurgies actually takes the sting away from the melody (and now we can die happy knowing we have used the phrase "bopping Blurgies"). 

Which brings me to the actual ad. 

Old Spice found the perfect way to incorporate sports and pop culture with so much weird you can't get the images out of your head. 

Forget the product for a moment and consider your willingness to waste far more time than you should listening to Mutombo's fairy tales and then playing ridiculous games. 

I know what I will be doing for the next few weeks. 


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