Andrew Bynum's Silly Injury Results in Ridiculously Hilarious GIF

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 19, 2012

Photo Credit: Larry Brown Sports
Photo Credit: Larry Brown Sports

The Philadelphia 76ers never thought they would one day trade for one big sketch comedy act in the form of the bumbling antics of one Andrew Bynum

The star center's career has taken a turn for the hilarious, the latest being a bowling incident that caused him to re-injure his healing knee. 

Word began circulating over the weekend that Bynum may have hurt himself bowling. Which, considering how his tenure in Philadelphia has been going, made more sense than it should have. 

Via ESPN, Bynum confirmed that is what went down. 

I didn't twist it or fall or nothing. It kind of broke off cartilage and it made the bone bruise bigger. Obviously (how) is the question, it's relatively nothing, it's three steps (and roll). That's the most important thing and why everyone is being so cautious. I can't answer and (doctors) can't now either, we're trying to figure out what's going on.

What's going on is the increasingly bizarre and possibly craziest stay on the disabled list ever. This injury may seem zany but was followed perfectly by a GIF that is going viral at the moment. 

Thanks to Got 'Em Coach, we now have a possible answer to how the injury went down.

This is how Andrew Bynum hurt his knee:

— Got 'Em Coach (@GotEm_Coach) November 19, 2012


Feel free to laugh, especially if you are something of a Sixers fan. It's really the only way to keep from crying. 

Since trading for Andrew Bynum, the 76ers really haven't seen what we like to call tangible production from the center. 

Instead, they get something of a one-man comedy act. His most famous shtick is the hairstyles he has brought out while sitting on the bench. Here are his greatest hits. 

Here is the Dora the Explorer. 

Don't forget about the Don King. 

Or the classic Afro we hope he continues because this is actually just a great head of hair. 

Before the injury, the Sixers were hoping for a December or January return for their big man. Now it's clear he will be riding the pine a little longer. 

Stick around, because that just means there are some more awfully bizarre antics just around the corner. You definitely don't want to miss anything. 


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