Can the Chicago Bulls Stop Sucking?

baz 82Contributor IMarch 18, 2009

Unlike my previous editorial pieces, this is more of a rant than a well-worded article—but the theory should be sound none the less.

Shouldn't there be more people out there that could ensure the Chicago Bulls stop sucking???

How can one of the most influential and well know teams throughout the world, one with such proud history 'all be it from the '90's Jordan era', and one of America's biggest cities have such a dreadful franchise???

Why...WHY trade Brand for the first-round pick???  If the first-round pick was LeBron, then sure, but a guy who can't shoot?  Brand is everything they still need in Chicago—and they had him!!!! 

The best they could've hoped for was Chandler become as good as brand—Hello, you already f***ing had Brand!!!

Brad Miller: OMFG, didn't they try that once before, seriously, is that the best move you could do, a washed-up court filler???

Who the F**K trades down in a draft?  What can Tyrus Thomas do, seriously  Wouldn't you rather have LaMacus???

Vinny Del WHo??? Out of six Billion people on the planet, you choose this guy! He has NO CLUE what he's doing!!!

The Bulls' EX "backup point guard" is living it up in the Big apple, under your should've been coach and his cast of misfits (AND THEY'RE BEATING YOU!!!).

I think he's getting like $3 million a year, yet you pay Kirk HACKrich $10 million a year, are you f***ing kidding me?

Why the f***K would you give Deng $70+ million.

The team has less heart than Dallas—now that's saying something.

WHO, I REPEAT, WHO THE HELL IS THERE ON YOUR COACHING STAFF HANDLING ROSE'S DEVELOPMENT...take a page out of Orlando's book—you know, a team with a clue—they brought in Ewing to develop Howard, and he is now a monster.

OK...I think I'm done.


1) Fire Del Negro.

2) Hire Jeff Van Gundy or Avery Johnson.

3) Get rid of Hinrich, I don't care how, and to be honest, I don't know how—but hey, I didn't get you in that mess to begin with?

4) Anyway you can poach Otis Smith from Orlando—that guy know's his shit!

5) If Deng is good, which you seem to think he is, can you design an offensive system that shows that...haven't seen it yet. Seriously, a SF who can't shoot the three and can't post up...hmm....

6) Find a great former PG to develop Rose. Rose's Bball IQ and court awareness needs major work for him to get anywhere near the Paul's and Williams...please don't turn him into Marbury Mach Two!

7) Am I crazy, or would/could Leon Powe (BOS) and Marcin Gortat (ORL) make a good starting frontcourt...and hey, you might actually be able to pull of that type of trade!

Hell, keep Rose and Salmons, and Get rid of ANYONE else to get them two, along with either Lee or Reddick (ORL) and House or Glenn 'Baby' Davis (BOS)...and you'd have a hard-nosed, hard-working team, which is much better than you have now.

Basically, the best teams supporting players are better than your starters!

Imagine this team"

Coach: Jeff Van Gundy

Starting Five:  Gortat, Powe, Salmons, Lee, Rose

Bench: Davis, Reddick, House

Now, I'm not saying obtaining this would be possible, or wouldn't be better than throwing a name like Bosh or Wade onto your team, but hell, this might actually be possible and not just a pipe dream!

8) Play defense!!!

9) Obtain some continuity in your offense.

Hang on, getting angry again.

Ok, calm now.

No wait: Why the Hell didn't you trade Hinrich, Deng, and Gordon when their stocks were sky high?  By trading those you could've had Bosh, or Kobe, or Gasol, or possibly two of them. Maybe Wade would've been a possibility—bringing that boy back home.

Now, no one wants those losers!!!

Ok, this topic is making me far too angry...


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