10 Biggest Disappointments of the NBA Season

Jay Schaeffer@jays7193Contributor IIINovember 17, 2012

10 Biggest Disappointments of the NBA Season

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    The 2012-2013 season is now in full swing, and many players and teams have not lived up to expectations. Obviously, it is still early and all of these players and teams have time to turn their seasons around. But they must start improving sooner rather than later. 

    If the players that have disappointed thus far do not get better, look for them either to be moved or to be forced to take on a smaller role on their respective teams. If the teams on this list do not improve, look for them to make significant changes to their rosters.

    Here are the 10 biggest disappointments from the early portion of  the 2012-2013 season.

10. Louis Williams

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    Louis Williams signed with the Atlanta Hawks this past offseason after spending his entire career with the Philadelphia 76ers. However, things have not worked out as expected in Atlanta for Williams. 

    The problem is that he has not received enough minutes. His per 36-minute stats are actually on par with last season, but he is playing three fewer minutes per game.

9. C.J. Miles

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    Although C.J. Miles is not a household name, the Cleveland Cavaliers signed him to compete for the starting job at small forward. However, Miles has been a huge disappointment.

    He posted a 12.44 player efficiency rating last season and a 14.25 PER in the 2010-2011 season. Although both of those are slightly below average for an NBA player, they are still solid numbers. This year, however, Miles' PER is an abysmal -3.69. 

    Miles is playing more than at any other time in his career and is still putting up awful numbers. In fact, he has the lowest win-score of anyone in the NBA at -.5. Essentially, he has already cost the Cavaliers half a win.

8. Andrew Bynum

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    Andrew Bynum has not been disappointing because of his play. He's been disappointing because it has taken much longer than expected for him to return from offseason knee surgery.

    Bynum's acquisition gave Philadelphia hope about the 76ers, but that optimism has all but gone away because of his injury. 

    Let's hope Bynum can come back stronger and dominate the Eastern Conference like many analysts projected he would before the season. 

7. Joe Johnson

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    Joe Johnson is the fifth-highest-paid player in the NBA, so him being anything short of a superstar is disappointing. The Brooklyn Nets definitely expected him to be better than he has been.

    Johnson has averaged 16 points, three rebounds, and three assists per game. However, he is shooting just 38 percent from the field and his PER is 15.7, which is average for an NBA player.

    The Nets were expecting Johnson to be much more than an average player.

6. Evan Turner

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    Evan Turner was supposed to take the next step this season for the Philadelphia 76ers. However, the former No. 2 overall selection has taken a step back. 

    Although his points, rebounds and assists are up from last year. But if you look at his per 36-minute stats, his points are actually down from last season. 

    Turner's field goal percentage is at 36.3 percent, which is terrible. Although the season has just begun, Turner seems like he has regressed.

5. The Denver Nuggets

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    The Nuggets have gotten off to a disappointing 4-5 start. Many analysts, including John Hollinger, predicted the Nuggets to finish second in the Western Conference.

    However, the Nuggets look sluggish on both offense and defense. They rank 15th in the NBA in scoring, averaging 103.8 points, and 17th in defense, surrendering 103.3.

    The Nuggets have struggled when Kenneth Faried and JaVale McGee are on the floor at the same time. In fact, the lineup of Ty Lawson, Andre Iguodala, Danilo Gallinari, Faried and McGee is -15 on the season.

4. Tyreke Evans

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    Tyreke Evans' stats have dropped in just about every category. Ever since his impressive rookie season with the Sacramento Kings, Evans has not been the same player.

    He is averaging just 12.3 points per game on 38 percent shooting. Evans' forte is scoring, so he must improve these numbers if he wants to receive a big contract at the end of this season. In addition, his PER is just 12.1, which is not a good sign.

3. Josh Smith

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    Josh Smith was one of the best players in the NBA last season. However, he has been a shell of his former self this season. 

    Both his advanced and basic stats are way down from last season. He is averaging just 15 points and eight rebounds and has posted an abysmal 11.9 PER. In fact, the Hawks have been better when he is off the court.

2. Bradley Beal

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    The Washington Wizards selected Bradley Beal with the third overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft and were expecting a star to pair alongside John Wall in the backcourt. Although Beal can still be that star, he has not looked good.

    Beal is averaging just more than 11 points per game while shooting just 32 percent from the field and 33 percent from three-point range.

    Beal must improve his shooting if he wants to become a star in this league.

1. The Los Angeles Lakers

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    Although there is still a lot of time to turn it around, the Lakers have struggled mightily. 

    Lakers management and fans blamed Mike Brown for the inefficient Princeton offense. However, it was Kobe Bryant who suggested the Lakers switch to this offense. Here is an article from this summer by Adrian Wojnarowski of yahoo.com in which Kobe praises the Princeton offense.

    So although Lakers' fans and management lay all the blame for the failure of the offense on Brown, they might want to at least partially blame Kobe for the offense's failures. 

    The Lakers will still be a great team by the time the season ends, but for now they are the biggest disappointment of the 2012-2013 season.