Dallas Mavericks Dancers Unveil New Skimpy Outfits, World Suddenly Makes Sense

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 9, 2012

Photo Credit: Yahoo Sports
Photo Credit: Yahoo Sports

Now see, this is a dance crew that just gets it. 

The Dallas Mavericks Dancers decided they wanted to do more than just boogie between time outs. They have decided to push the limits of sartorial sensibilities. 

Yahoo Sports reports on some outfits that look like they were taken straight from Leeloo's closet. Yup, they pretty much take the best parts of Milla Jovovich's outfit from The Fifth Element

The report does take care to point out that, "the Mavericks Dancers specifically haven't exactly shied away from showing off their midriffs in years past."

Still, the new look seems to work wonders for this troupe who works tirelessly to train so that fans in Dallas can be entertained every last second of the game. 

All of this stems from a Louise Boyle report for the Daily Mail, wherein she notices how skimpy the outfits have become. 

On Monday night, the cheerleading team took to the basketball court for the half-time show wearing short, white spandex dresses with cut-out panels.  

Although skimpy outfits are run-of-the-mill for women who perform the daring and athletic routines at professional sports games, the briefness of the Mavericks new ensembles could raise some eyebrows.

Now I agree, the new uniforms are scant with the material. But I don't think they are a tremendous leap away from anything other dance troupes are wearing

What's really interesting, and this is pointed out in the Yahoo Sports report, is that the troupe is carving out their own style in tandem with the basketball team. 

Think of this as the Brooklynettes, but on a less obvious scale. 

What continues to be lost in all the hubbub of beauty, dancing and swagger is that these women work harder than anyone would imagine. 

Boyle does well to finish with that in her report, and it's important to note here. 

Most of the Mavericks' dancers - a commitment which can involve three practices and three games a week - have other careers. Although some of the women are professional dancers, others work as elementary school teachers, radiologists and sales girls.

The same goes for dance troupes around the league, comprised of women whose love of dance and sport is immense. 

For that, we thank them for their tireless efforts, no matter what they choose to wear. 

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