Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban and Donald Trump Scrap on Twitter

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Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban and Donald Trump Scrap on Twitter

Money does not yield happiness, as demonstrated by two of the richest men in the nation acting like a pair of grumpy old men on Twitter. 

Last week, we reported Mark Cuban offering Donald Trump a cool $1 million to shave that brilliant head of hair he rocks—all for charity, of course. 

The Dallas Morning News reports the back and forth has become a little more spicy between the two lately, with barbs exchanged between the two rich guys on Twitter recently. 

Through it all, Trump calls out Cuban's drawing power on TV and Cuban lambastes Trump for not taking some money for charity. 

Here is but a sampling. 

Andrew Redington/Getty Images

First off is Donald Trump stating that Cuban is nothing more than a fame monger, out for publicity. Um, that's weird, because Trump has made a hobby of just that.


Next, Trump tweets this out along with a clip of a "Benefactor" promo, a show Mark Cuban produced that only lasted six episodes.


Cuban offers a challenge of sorts.


Trump answers as you would imagine a man like himself would.


These two continue the pissing contest.


These kids keep it up when finally it wraps around back to Trump and his wild accusations about the President's personal history.


If you thought this was the end of it, think again. 

Here is what Gordon Keith, a Dallas sports radio host, had to tweet.


This ridiculous spat may only get crazier. 

That would be pretty par for the course considering the adults feuding at the moment. 

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