Rockets Fan Gets James Harden's Face Carved into Hair, Worst Haircut Ever

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 5, 2012

Photo Credit: 00_RocketGirl Instagram (via BuzzFeed)
Photo Credit: 00_RocketGirl Instagram (via BuzzFeed)

James Harden makes for quite the prolific scoring machine, but his face is a horrible excuse for a hairstyle. 

Yes, the madness behind Harden's move to Houston just got a little more crazy. 

BuzzFeed reports one super fan felt it was a great idea to get a screaming Harden etched into his dome. It turns out it's actually a horrible idea. 

Here is a picture BuzzFeed spotted from the Instagram feed of 00_RocketGirl

If you need an explanation of what is going on here, the report explains this one fan is part of a larger clan who love themselves some Houston Rockets. 

The young lad who allowed this to be done to him is apparently a member of a Rockets fan group called The Red Rowdies. I hope the team is throwing them some tickets, because I can't imagine his boss enjoys seeing James Harden looking out from this guy's cubicle every day, and nothing comforts someone dealing with being fired quite like free stuff.

I have to second the report in that this is hardly the hair of a man trying to move up the corporate ladder. However, this could be shaved off as easily as it was carved in. 

We give this fan some applause for shaking off any apprehension about looking ridiculous, but we stop the praise there. 

Because this thing is hideous. 

Consider this side-by-side comparison the report issued. 

James Harden on the right looks like a proud NBA star who is finally starting as he should have been all along. 

He looks like the kind of guy who would average over 35 points and have a PER north of 26 to start the season. 

That thing on the left looks like some random dude with a beard who is in a lot of pain, like, a tremendous amount. 


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