Blake Griffin Gets Body Slammed by Zach Randolph as NBA Meets Pro Wrestling

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Zach Randolph has a devastating finishing move. 

Judging by the ongoing antics between these two basketball stars, it may be time to assign professional wrestling names. Even though it's already his nickname, "Z-Bo" has a nice twang.  

Blake Griffin can just be the wrestler with the regular name that you know is going to lose. 

The play came in the fourth quarter of Wednesday night's opener between the Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Clippers. As Larry Brown Sports reminds us, the two brought back much of the bad blood held over from Game 7 of the 2012 NBA playoffs. 

ESPN reports that the chippiness extended far beyond just this one play that Randolph got away with.

...Griffin and Randolph had to be separated after the two got tangled following a play late in the fourth quarter. On the next play, Randolph took down Griffin following a basket...But there was nearly another blowup after Griffin blocked a Randolph dunk attempt late in the game and the two again had to be separated.

This being the NBA, Griffin was content to lay there like he had just been leveled by a semi truck, looking for a flagrant foul to be called. 

Had this been a more bruising sport, it would have been so on. 

Still, you won't want to miss the next round in this budding feud, when the Clippers meet the Grizzlies on January 14. 

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