Stephen Jackson Drops New Hip-Hop Hit with Thunder's Kevin Durant

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 30, 2012

According to a new rap song by the Spurs Stephen Jackson and Thunder star Kevin Durant, it's fairly lonely at the top. 

Apparently, please direct any and all questions regarding living at the top to Captain Jack. 

The Basketball Jones (h/t Daily Thunder) reports on the newest song from Jackson who is also something of a wordsmith. 

The list of basketball players who like to think of themselves as accomplished rappers is rather long. Sadly, the list of those who pull it off is ridiculously short. 

Jackson proves he has game in this particular song entitled, "Lonely at the Top." 

The best part is we get some added evidence that Kevin Durant can hold his own in the studio as he also features in the hip-hop anthem. 

Durant comes in at the second verse of this song dedicated to all those lonely souls who are so dominant they leave everyone in the dust. The heart weeps. 

Young boy in the game and I’m 23 money like a vet why fret over a hundred g’s … Trey five on my back for my OG, never overlook a single a word that he told me.

Jackson delivers decent game which pretty much makes him a legend regarding NBA players trying their hand out at rap production. 

In my opinion, Durant comes in right behind him in talent, but not by much. 

I still advise both to keep their day jobs. And someone please send some love their way, because both are kinda lonely at the moment. 

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